Best RB303 tonearm cartridge?

Any advice up to around £300? Thinking about a Nagaoka 150 but the Ortofon Blue seems another good bet. Rega Exact also in the mix.
Music wise, want something livelier than old Elys 2 which needs imminent retirement.

I had a Denon DL-110 on my RB300 arm for a good while and loved the sound of it. In fact when I ‘upgraded’ to the Dynavector 10X5 I don’t think that sounded as good despite being twice the price

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Rega Exact makes sense to me with Rega Fono.


I used a 2m blue on a RB300 for a while. I thought it was great!


Yes, Ortofon Blue looks a safe bet, I had a Red on Goldring GR2 TT and liked the sound, not particularly refined but very musical.
I don’t want to muck around with spacers as too lazy :smile:

Another vote for Rega Exact with which I returned to Rega after never coming to terms with my Dynavector.

The 2M blue is a good value point in the range…way better than the red , and not that much short of the black (for less than half the money)
I was a little disappointed with the black after using the blue for months…I expected more

Did you upgrade from the red, japtimscarlet? I have a red but I’m afraid the kids broke it, sounds distorted always. I consider replacing it by the blue needle.

Happy with the bronze myself. Haven’t heard the others on this deck or arm so can’t compare.

@Anonymoot Are you intending to stick with the Rega Fono? Might help those who reply.

If you are not, IMO it’s wide open.

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