Best Rock Vocalist

As I sit her listening to Chris Cornell on a beautiful Sunday morning I’m trying to decide, Plant or Cornell? Tough decision. Also Myles Kennedy is a close third and the best RIGHT now. All this is just my humble opinion, how about you?

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Mike Tirelli… Not a pro but YouTube some of his bands stuff. Eg…

Oh… And Daltrey is back on form.


Rival Sons frontman Jay Buchanan is up there with any decent rock front man I’ve heard of, or witnessed. :+1:t3:


Call me old fashioned, but for me it is still Paul Rodgers. ( or is he really a Soul singer?)


Absolutely. Paul Rodgers.
No contest.


My top 3 in order of Greatness:

Freddie Mercury

Robert Plant

George Michael ( althought not Rock)

Roger Daltrey, Roger Daltrey and Roger Daltrey.


Ahahhhaha. Third time is for good?

Does Jeff Buckley count as rock?

I’ve got a tremendous soft spot for Kevin Coyne

A genius… But no.

I am unable to take this sort of post very seriously, due to the subject nature of it, my failing I know. This does annoy many of my friends who think this kind of thing is important, to date they have failed to get me to join in this kind of discussion.

So in a light-hearted manner I will be waiting for the debates to start, the gradual sinking into heated disagreements and eventually handbags at dawn.

Now wondering whether interested bystanders will be better off going for beers and crisps/popcorn or wine and nibbles for sustenance :wink:

BTW being cheeky I will ask, how narrowly is “rock” being defined?

P.S. I don’t have a clue who is “best” and as mentioned above, definitely suspect it is a very subjective assessment. I do however have singers I prefer, whether they are the best is irrelevant to me, which is probably another of my many failings.


Janis Joplin

But actually I agree with Paul.

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Paul you may substitute “favorite” for best and join the conversation.

Louis Armstrong. His voice sounds a little gravely :wink:


Dio - The King Of Rock and Roll


I’m not sure if these vocalists are rock, but Annie Haslam, Peter Hammill, Greg Lake, Robert Wyatt and Richard Sinclair immediately spring to mind. One exceptional rock vocalist was Rainbow’s Graham Bonnet.

However, if I have to nominate just one outstanding rock vocalist then it has to be Sonja Kristina.

Sonja (music video)

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Nice to see you back.


Thanks for posting the Curved Air track - before my time, but right up my street!