Best sd memory card

I have (almost) only ever used either Lexar or San-disk.

Which of these, and which version is best. 32 Gb is the capacity I go for. And usually the Sandisk Extreme Pro simply because it’s more readily available.

Are there any other brands worth considering ? (I have actually used a couple of Sony cards bought in John Lewis now that I think about it)

Sandisk for me, no reason, brand reputation, seems trouble free, why change.
I have a few 64GB, now using 128 to use as back up for my purchased album downloads (plus a regular back HDD, plus the vendorspare allowance) I also use a couple of small 8GB left over from my old work life for day to day copy/paste stuff & it just happens that these are also Scandisk

Sandisk never let me down. Lexar worked well until on 2 cards the two plastic pins leading to contacts came away from the body and I didn’t fancy the chance of them either sticking in the camera or failing! Got a large Transcend card for free which is fine too. Just don’t see a reason not to use sandisk. 128gb + 170mbs for about £35 seems good value too!

Have used both brands in Compact Flash and SD formats. I’ve stuck at 32GB simply because potentially less to lose if card should fail (have had a couple go over the years). Can’t see any reason to move from these brands as so affordable now. Speed performance wise I’ve never noticed a difference between normal and super-duper! I find that applies to most things in life. I try not to succumb to the marketing and advertising departments output.

Had a couple of problems with cards about 15 years ago, but since sticking with Sandisk Extreme Pro, I never had anything go wrong. In the last 3 years, I’ve used a couple of Lexar Professional XQD 128gb and never had any issues with them.

Regarding speed, you’re limited to the hardware using them and I’ve always noticed an improvement in higher spec cards.

I have had zero problems with microSD cards. The latest additions are a 400gb SanDisk Ultra and a 512gb Samsung Evo Plus. With the supplied adaptors these can be used as standard SD cards.


Thank you all for your advice and comments.

I will stick with the SanDisk Extreme Pro cards

As a back-up, I copy and save all my photos to a couple of IOMEGA SSD external drives. I always keep one as an unadulterated version and do any post camera adjustments on the second version.

You need to check where you buy them though. There is a big market for counterfeit memory. You get the GB, but you don’t get the quality, reliability or the performance. Many people would never notice, but unless you buy from a reputable supplier and avoid buying from unknown individuals on the well known online markets, you are taking a risk, whatever brand has been printed on the packaging by whoever marketed it.



Is “the big river” on-line warehouse a “safe” source for San Disk .

I’ve bought a few micro-SD cards over the past few years, mainly for use with my Sony ZX2 portable player. I have found that the cheapest seller for whatever capacity card I want has always been an online retailer called I just buy the cheapest one they have, often own-brand, and every one has worked flawlessly, so for the time being, I shall continue this policy of being a skinflint.

I can’t say that I have checked everything in the big river, but in regard to whether memory is likely to be counterfeit, I would tend to trust their own sales but not those from their market sellers, because in general no-one knows who they are or where they got their stock.


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Sandisk extreme pro cards very cheap in River Prime day today!


If you ensure that the seller is the river itself rather than a third party then I think you can regard it as genuine. I can’t see them selling counterfeit items themselves.

However I bought a Kingston card from them in October last year and it failed in June this year. This is what they said when I followed up with them.

As you’ve had satisfactory use of this product for a period of time exceeding both the manufacturer’s warranty period and the typical average life of this product, and since you purchased your product approximately 8 months ago and have used it successfully, please understand that we’re unable to offer you a replacement or refund of the replacement value

They wouldn’t budge until I escalated, even when I sent in the online chat the link to Kingstons warranty page stating a 5 year warranty and it had to be progressed through the retailer. This has made me wary buying from this retailer now, it’s the first issue I have had but it required me to become very robust on a follow up to affect a refund.

Good experience with Lexar. I sent them pics of my broken cards which were over a year old and they simply asked where I wanted them to send a refund!

I was always SanDisk, bought had two failures, since then I’ve gone to Samsung, pricier but stable.

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