Best site for second hand stuff in EU

dear all,
do you have any suggestion for looking for second hand stuff in EU?
I am looking for hi fi specialised sites, not generic ones.
I use:
hifi shark

Also sites managed by shops or chains might be welcome
any suggestion is welcome!

Hifi shark of course is not a selling site, but a bot - and a very good one it is, too: or rather was until recently when it stopped including the ubiquitous eBay in its searches.

Another one worthy of consideration is PinkFish forum.

I still see eBay, including eBay UK, when searching Hifishark from Germany.

And though Hifishark is great for getting a quick overview, since we are on the Naim forum it may be good to point out that they don’t vet anything at all, and there are some scam sites regularly included in the Hifishark results.

Tom Tom audio
2de hifi com


There’s more sites than you could imagine.
Every country has several, dealers or local.
Maybe hundreds inside EU.
Nothing but Shark site provide the complete view, to my knowledge.

These I did not know, thanks!

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Correct, unfortunately some are kept like hidden secrets by the dealers… they just put them on their shop site, without advertising around at all…

I am not sure if this is very useful for you as it is in Norway, but HiFi Sentralen dot no is pretty good. Serious sellers and serious gear.

Go to Torget, which is basically the shop, and you will find lots of useful stuff.

My last post was a not sufficiently precise (because until now I hadn’t checked further): I can see eBay listings when searching Shark, but eBay results are not included in the notifications of items for which I have registered for notifications when a new listing appears. This is the text I get in those notifications:

Changes in the eBay API system has recently resulted in an overwhelming number of eBay listings falsely being reported as new. For this reason our notification emails currently do not include search results from eBay. Please click ‘See all’ to visit Hifishark and check for new eBay results.

Does that appear in Germany as well?

Ah ok, not tried that, I have no notifications nor even an account. I just go and look it up when I want to know a price. Notifications for this kind of thing are the road to ruin :slight_smile: And luckily all my needs are fulfilled.

But given the text, I would expect that it affects everyone. Does not seem permanent though

You could try this Dutch dealer “contrado-audio”
Nice collection of new and pre-loved stuff.

Audiogone in the US

US Audiomart, Canuck Audiomart, Audiogon. Many Naim dealers have demo/used equipment also.

Thanks a lot, Norway suggestion is useful, USA is a bit too far away… I am looking for EU sites!

dba. dk

thanks PerF!

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