Best sounding connection between NAC 272 and uniti core

Hello everyone,I am not new with Naim,but new on this forum.My question,what is the best sounding connection between my NAC 272 and uniti Core?The connection from router to the Cisco 2960 now is a Audioquest forest cat7,Chord shawline cat7 from switch to the Core and a Chord signature super array cat7 from the NAC 272 to the switch.

Cheers Bear

You are pretty much covered.

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Hello Adam,

Thank you for responding,I have read somewhere that conecting the Core via a bnc digital ic to the NAC 272 Will result in amechtig better sound.

You might prefer it or you might not. There is I think no concensus on whether a direct connection sounds better, or worse, or the same as upnp. Or to put it another way, they both sound much the same and you can choose whichever you prefer for other reasons.

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Thank you very much David.


If you use the direct coaxial cable connection from Core to 272, you are no longer using your 272 as a streamer, and might just as well have spent the money on a DAC. Music files on the Core will not be visible in the 272 UPnP input, and you will browse and select it from the Core bit of the Naim app. You may find it sounds better though - or not - a suitable cable won’t cost much, so you could always give it a try.

I have a DC1 cable that I used between my old 272 and my Core,to be honest,I could not hear any difference between it and UPNP.I don’t have a switch either,Ethernet right from my router,and no fancy cables.

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