Best speaker match for small room & Nova

My projected move to a larger room (in new house) has stalled and my recent purchase of PMC Twenty 5 24s is not working out very well (as some correctly commented and forecast a few months ago). Ah!!!

For now or at least the next year I’m going to be listening in a small room (3.5m by 2.5m), so where do I go with speakers to best match my Nova centred set up?

Budget is 2.5K max and I would be happy/prefer to go s/hand.

Also, more niche, as I think only two others use the Audiophilleo converter, I moved all my kit from one rack to another, and on reconnecting it all everything is fine bar the AP. The display is saying AP OFF (again) and the Nova’s BNC input is not receiving a signal.

I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting, and playing music via Roon Exp or iPeng and nothing is happening.

Any thoughts Obsydian or Crystal G (sorry if the latter isn’t a AP user, I know there’s one other here).

I have Nova and PMC twenty5.21s in a smallish room and works really well

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I’m really pleased with ProAc DB3s in my small room. Great slam on drums, controlled and textured bass and precise instrument/vocal placement.

ProAc Tablette 10 Signature, perfect for small rooms. Love mine with the Atom I am sure they will partner even better with a Nova.

I dont have the AP or Innuos. Seems more trouble than its worth if you ask me. I prefer the simplicity of network playback for Roon and from my Roon core it sounds great to me in all my systems.

In smaller room would something like the Harbeth P3ESR or Spendor A1 be an option? I’ve become overly cautious recently about having too much speaker for a room. If you like the PMC sound would be Db1 be an option if you could find a pair second hand ?

I run the ATC SCM7 on my Nova. Sounds really good after a LONG run in. Maybe some better speaker cable than A5 also… the SCM9 is also a great speaker. I use an EE switch which the Nova seemed to like.

I’ve got my Uniti Star hooked to Dynaudio EMIT 10’s with a small sub. 2.2 x 4.1m room, works really well and not expensive either.

Thanks for all the suggestions, so far.

An offline friend has pointed me to the Dynaudio Special 40s, does anyone have any experience of these in relation to a) a small room and or b) a Nova or similar?

I have the Special 40’s together with my Nova, I am extremely happy with them apart from them being stunning speakers. My room is 4,5 x 5,x5 I think which tends to work really well. They need to have some space behind them. They replaced a pair of PMC Twenty.22’s.


Ooh. That’s interesting. How would you describe the difference between PMC and Special40’s? I have both (Twenty5.22 really) listed as options in case I 1) win a lottery or 2) convince the missus the Star can move to the living room. I mean sound. Dyns will win in the WAF department for sure.

I’ve been listening to a loaned pair of ProAc D2Rs for the last few days, and now warmed up, they are quite something.

Admittedly, I’m comparing them to my oversized, over-everything PMC Twenty5/24, so it’s hardly an evenly matched comparison.

After I’d made sense of the recommended toe-in (almost to the angle where the side of each speaker isn’t visible, this took me my surprise, though I’ve adjusted for my room,ears, sofa listening position) they deliver quite an absorbing and immersive sound.

Unsurprisingly, they are much more suited to my room and give much, much better performance from my Zenith/Nova combo.

Eventually I got the fiddly and faffy Audiophilleo working properly. Like it’s owner there was a screw loose.

Worth it though. A superb sound.

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I had a pair of the D2’s with the dome with my XS 2 and SN 2 and they were magnificent! …an amazing delivery of sound for such a small package.

Can’t go wrong with ProAcs. Love my Tab 10 Sigs.

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Pmc twenty5 21 work well for me as well

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