Best streaming provider


Moving away from Spotify and after some recommendations please.

Got a Uniti Atom connected to KEF LS50 Metas. Recently trialed Apple Music and the lossless files sounded great, tried Amazon as well but didn’t seem to sound as good. Never used Qobuz or Tidal but noticed they are integrated with the Atom. Any recommendations on what to try?


I stuck with Qobuz after initially using Tidal. All tend to have trial periods so you can try them out and see what you find best.


+1 for Qobuz. True hi- res streaming. Give free trial a go


Have you tried a forum search on Tidal v Qobuz etc?

Leaning that way :grin:

Re: true high res streaming - Is that due to the integration with the streamer? Guessing can control from a phone app though?

I haven’t, will have a look

True hi-res streaming on Qobuz because they have a lot of albums in 24 bit flac, nothing to do with integration with the streamer.


Both Tidal and Qobuz integrate well on the app. However, Naim gear doesn’t support the Tidal hi-res offering, MQA, whereas it does for Qobuz. As pointed out above there LOTS about this in previous threads so sensible to have a search

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Thanks mate, will have a trawl through the forum :+1:

I started with TIDAL and the best is CD quality which is 44.1/16 and switched to Qobuz when it became available in the US. They offer 44.1/16 as well as hi res such as 44.1/24, 48/24, 88.2/24, 176/24, 192/24.

With my pre-paid annual subscription it works out to about $10.83 a month for the ‘Studio’ HiRes service.

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i too started with tidal then switched to qobuz haven’t tried apple - not part of that universe- can only suggest you try both but in my experience the difference with hi-res can be subtle even sub-liminal making A/B testing difficult however if you relax into the music over a 1 month trial you will know if it is for you


I use Qobuz and the standard Amazon Prime Music.

For my choice of music, which is predominantly Jazz, Qobuz is much better. It has a higher number of Jazz tracks, many at Hi-Res.

Tried the one month trial and stayed with them and, found the quality and service to be very good.

Two great things that they do;

  • Weekly update emails about your selected genre, giving suggested playlists and panoramas
  • Ability to import playlists from other streaming providers. So although the Linn app doesn’t support Amazon, I have imported my Amazon playlists

Do try it and I’m sure that you will enjoy Qobuz.



Same system as mine and moved to Qobuz at time of purchase about 4 months ago. Really pleased with the service, the sound quality and depth of the catalogue. App easy to use. Give it a go.

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Thanks everyone, definitely going to give Qobuz a go :+1:

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I currently have Qobuz and Tidal, and should rationalise. I look for the high res on Qobuz if it’s available since that does seem to have a better sound, but it is all pretty good and like CD and vinyl I think some recordings are better than others.

However, though I’ve not scientifically checked this my impression is that Tidal has more titles when I search - or at least when I toggle between the two on the Atom that’s how it appears.

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I found Qobuz sounded the best but im using Tidal, (went with them after Spotify lied to their customers about the Hifi level coming), because they have the features i need.

If Qobuz ever launch a proper connect feature, volume levelling and a radio feature to play similar artists after ive played an album then ill go back with them

Try Qobuz. I think its the best option. Have fun!

I use Apple Music, tidal and qobuz, if I only had one tidal was my choice.

But qobuz has the better and real high res, the issue is that most álbuns I listen are on CD quality on both platforms and for this reason tidal or qobuz are almost the same for me.

I have found that qobuz has álbuns that tidal does not, but also found that tidal has more complete discography’s than qobuz.

Apple Music is good for my iOS devices and HomePod in the house, unfortunately no integration with roon, iTunes or Apple Music or airplay is the only way to get playing on the devices, love it for mobile use and the kids.

Aside from the sound quality aspects, you need also to look at their catalogues, and chose one that has all the music you like, or you may need more than one subscription.

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I gave a try to Tidal but was not convinced by the SQ, then tried Qobuz and subscribed to the Hires offer.
There streaming quality is excellent and I am enjoying now much more than my vinyl or cd which I rarely play those days.

I also have apple music but this is not so good, it does not play native . It requires airplay. Not comparable with Qobuz.

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