Best upgrade for NAC N-172XS + NAP200

Dear users, experts and Naim fanatics. A few years ago I bought my first Naim, a NAC N-172XS streamer with preamp. Only a couple of months afterwards I traded my (almost) new Rotel RB1072MK2 power amp, for a second hand NAP200. A very good decision…wider sound stage, more detail, and more Naim! Last year I bought ASW Genius 510 speakers…35KG, 2x380Watts german precision powerhouses. I like alternative rock, metal, but also more modest pop and country.
Now…I would like to upgrade but can not spend the money for a new NDX streamer or NAP250DR.
In your opinions…what would be a good upgrade in my case?
I am oriented mainly on second hand currently… a NAP 250 or 250DR? A prior version of the NDX or NAC272? Or looking for HiCap and stand alone pre-amp such as NAC202?

Any advise is welcome!

The N272 gets such great reviews here – you should be able to find a REALLY good deal on one. That’s what I’d do. Be patient and find someone really motivated to sell.

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I can only echo Barts comments … I’d seek a secondhand 272 …

I would audition Naim Superlumina speaker cables.

The 172/200 is a well balanced set with good synergy…
is the Nap 200 plugged into the wall socket directly?

I had the exact same combo and added a 272. Nice jump in weight, scale and dynamics. Not sure what (or if) Ethernet cable you’re using but the Blue Jeans Cat6a is stupid good for the price.

I have a 172/200 as well. I will be able to to upgrade soon. So I am considering

  1. Get a NDX2 and s/h 202, use my 200
  2. Get a s/h 272 and XPS, use my 200
    Both options cost about the same. My aim is to get to NDX2/252/250 level, so option 1 is probably the best start. I figure that I can move in and then out of the 202 with minimal cost.
    But I think that if I were stopping then Option 2 might be a better bet.
    I dont think grabbing a 250 now makes sense, unless it’s just until you get a better front end.

Dear all, thanks for the advise and comments. Indeed the Nap 200 is plugged into the wall socket directly. I have a decent ethernet cable but not high-end. Will a better one really make difference you can hear?

If I summarize…most logical upgrade for me should be a 272, and afterwards save some money for a NAP 250?

That’s the direction I choose … delivery of my NAP 250 DR will take place early 2020 :slight_smile:

You might want to think about how far you want to go on the upgrade ladder. To my ears, the real benefit of a 272 comes when you add an external power supply to it. Even then, I find separates systems at the same price tend to sound better than combined streamer/preamp boxes. Don’t take my word for it, though. Going to a decent dealer and listening for yourself is the best way to work out what suits your needs.

Thanks ChrisSU. My gut feeling also says that separate streamer and pre amp is better. But I do not want to loose myself in upgrading to Naim 555 and all that eventually… Listening is the best way. But in the store I could loose myself as well…:slight_smile:

lucky you! Enjoy

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There is always another possible upgrade, whatever your system! It just takes a bit of self control sometimes.
If you are happy with the way your 172 works, now is a great time to upgrade the streamer, as prices have dropped a lot on models that have been replaced.

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