Best upgrade given my set-up

Hi all, what would forum say is best upgrade given current set-up. Budget is 5-10000 $ depending and want to continue to build after

202, hicap DR, 200, napsc, ndx2

All love for all thoughtful replies :slight_smile:

Best / Jonas


Jonas - I’d suggest looking at a 282 to start with.

If there’s money left, then an XPS DR (or a preloved 555PS DR) for the NDX2 would be the next step.


What @james_n suggests, word for word.


Thanks! Not 252 straight away? Or 555 for the NDX?

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You’d need a Supercap to power a 252. I suggested the 555PS for the NDX2 in my first reply.


Making huge steps can work - it could well be cheaper, than smaller ones.

But… I would still go 282, then XPS2 - then maybe 250…?

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Don’t stop there how about the 552 it also comes with a PSU :grin:

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US dollars, Canadian or Australian dollars ?

You’re got a nice system there, but I would be suggesting the Pre-Amp


System: 202,hicapdr,200,napsc,ndx2

You need speakers! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


From exactly your position, I went for the 282. You should get a decent trade in on your 202. I auditioned a second HiCap DR for the 282, but there was no difference to my ears and I gave it back.

I had an electrician put in a dedicated mains spur when I needed some flooring done on my 100-year old house. That was a revelation and not a big expense.

I have kept my 200DR but not sure whether to trade in for a 250DR.

All three of the above might be achievable for you within your budget if you can get the trade-in for your current equipment.

I am very happy with what I have now.


What speakers you using as that could be the better upgrade

Thanks man, ouf then budget crashes. I’ve leaned towards source first, what would be difference between going 282 vs XPS DR?

Appreciate you taking your time



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US dollars, thanks :slight_smile:

Great, thanks! Leaning towards 282 now

Dynaudio Contour 30 with chord epic x cables. Input there? Have fairly big room

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The 282 is the way to go


And cables!

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You’ve got good cables there, in fact I had a very similar system .

There is one left field solution - and I don’t know if it is available in the USA. The Powerline makes a significant upgrade in performance , if you were to audition one - I am sure you would want them on the PreAmp and source . I’ve got one on my Nova and it is a superb cost effective uplift.

best wishes and I hope all goes to plan.

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If you’ve access to second-hand your budget might stretch to a 555PS and trade the 202 for a 282…

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