Best upgrade so far!

After years of experimenting and spending lots on various upgrades I recently bought the cheapest and possibly the most significant upgrade of all, it doesn’t involve components, speakers or cables etc. it was to have my ears cleaned with a mini vacuum, it cost £75.00 and everything sounds amazing!!


Is that a Classic or 500 Series mini vacuum?


Possibilities for a DIY job perhaps using my Dyson vacuum cleaner? In these inflationary times any saving is worthwhile! :rofl:

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I think it may have been a Statement!

That’s not really an upgrade is it now… more of a service.


Absolutely only an ear upgrade!

Mine was a totally free upgrade.
This was to move the black boxes and Fraim to another room and route the speaker cables to the listening room.
I guess this almost eliminates any acoustic feedback etc.
The difference (to my ears and in my room) was greater than a black box upgrade, which I coincidentally had on home demo at the time.


I so look forward to moving my kit to a separate room once we move house in a few years. I have no need to look at it and it can be frustrating trying to keep the young grandchildren away from it. And a little extra space around the back should allow me to do a better job with the cables as well.

Having the SQ improve was another positive I had not even considered, so thanks for that.

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That’s a really good move and one I’ve never considered, the only issue to me is I do play a lot of records and there’s something very comforting about the visual of a playing LP.

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Just be careful with the Dyson ball cleaner.


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