Best vinyl supplier

I buy most of my vinyl through Amazon and eBay and occasionally via specialist websites.
I’ve also used What Records on a couple of occasions after seeing their name pop up on here but I’m concerned with my most recent transaction with them.
I ordered 4 albums from them 10 days ago. The website says usually despatched inside 48 hours and then delivery 2-3 days. I’m now at double that and the order status is still at the “preparing” stage. Two emails sent and neither answered - anyone else had problems with them recently?
What is the preferred online retailer of choice for my fellow forumites?
Steve O.

You sometimes have to be a bit patient with What Records. From what I understand some stock gets shipped from the distributor and that can cause delays during the "preparing’ stage. I currently have a couple of orders with them; one in preparation, the other will wait as it was for a bunch of stuff on pre-order that won’t start shipping until October or November. They’re very good, usually priced well, and pack well, but not so good if you need something by tomorrow latest.

I use a few others too. Scott Nangle for many otherwise hard to get audiophile issues; superb packing and if you order in a decent number of LPs he sends via DPD 24 hour courier with real time tracking, which is great. The one time a delivery went wrong (not DPD) he immediately despatched a second lot next day to me and with my next order added some replacement inners as a thank you and apology. That was good service, I thought.

Also I find Norman Records are excellent too.


Diverse Vinyl have usually been pretty good


I suppose patience is a virtue rarely exercised these days. Unfortunately the vinyl in this order is a gift and I expected 18 days would be more than ample. Starting to fret a little now.
Only used SN once and had a nightmare I’m afraid. Never got the goods and took months to get a refund. I do sometimes waver when SN has stuff no-one else does but my boycott remains for now. May give him another chance after seeing positive comments on here though.
Norman Records is a new one one though, thanks for the tip.

My experience of What Records echoes that of Richard so I would endorse them, but I think it is in reality a small operation, which can explain delays some times. I would phone - something I have done in the past - they are very helpful.

I use Juno quite frequently - they make clear on their website whether the item is in stock and use Royal Mail First Class so your order comes through quickly. They also often have US imports, but I deduce that they may order stock on release but don’t often re-order.

I have also used Normans and Piccadilly in Manchester, who are both reliable.

Don’t forget Rough Trade who have a good mail order department and I think also show stock. And for Pure Pleasure and Speakers Corner you can order direct from their website.

I also find it is worth checking the record label site especially on new releases because sometimes you can order directly from them and I hope then that the artist may get a better share of the payment (probably wishful thinking).

The main problem is the US audiophile releases which are not easy to get hold of except at inflated prices. Ordering from the US works well apart from the dreaded import charges, which in themselves are not prohibitive but which become so with the admin costs. Scott Nangle is clearly a possible source for these but I have had the same experience in the past as SteveO and remain unconvinced.


I use Diverse Vinyl who I’ve never had a problem with. Scott Nangle, had to wait for stuff but no real problems. If I wanted stuff yesterday I’d buy downloads. Direct from Blue Note - both US and U.K. also Discogs for those hard to find albums.

Edit: not forgetting Burning Shed and Townsend

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Another vote for Diversie, really like these guys, well packed when delivered

I also use society of sound, burning shed, Abbey Road


Similar experience, I’ve had an order with them for months, in fairness they did answer an email stating that distributor was out of stock, but that was ages ago. Not my first disappointing experience with them I think they advertise albums as available but they don’t have actual stock. I’m going to cancel current order…we’ll see “What “ happens!

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Re the What Records order, I’ve just been on the website and the 4LP’s I’ve ordered all appear to be in stock - at least it doesn’t say out of stock on the listing as some others do.
May try giving them a ring to see if they’ll make the deadline, if not, then I’ll order from elsewhere.

Their stock (at least of jazz) looks pretty depleted these days.

Rang What Records and spoke to a nice chap.
He explained the situation as this - info from his supplier shows items in stock but upon ordering is advised items are not in stock. Order expected to arrive today so he hopes to despatch tomorrow.
Very apologetic and very decent bloke by the sounds. Fingers re-crossed!

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Another vote for Diverse Vinyl who are particularly good in my experience especially at sourcing US imports.
Juno are excellent and everything I order arrives next day 1st Class Royal Mail. Any faulty items are often replaced without needing to return.
In my locality Resident Records Brighton are reliable.
Pure Pleasure Records have quality re issues from their own label and Speakers Corner.
Jazz House records for new and used Jazz.
Dub Vendor for Jamaican Music/Reggae.
Bandcamp is excellent, accross the board and great way to explore music,rarely have any problems.
I am increasingly getting fed up with receiving damaged or missing records from Amazon. I’ve also heard reports from others who have recieved records from Amazon with the shipping label just stuck to the records shrink wrap with no packaging whatsoever.


Same story here a while back. The items was listed by WR in all good faith (I think also listed on Amazon too and the label’s dedicated sites too). And they weren’t rarity items.

When WR ordered they were told N/A. The issue for me though was it took a few weeks to learn what was going on - and if you’ve paid min postage for say 3/4 items and they can only ship 2, it starts getting pricey to the point of going elsewhere at the outset (sad to say).

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I’d never heard of Scott Nangle until this thread. Just had a look, looks good, added to my bookmarks

My personal preference is to stick with bricks and mortar record shops; Drift in Totnes and Resident Brighton are both recommended. Faultless mail order service from both.


I have used Drift successfully in the past but didn’t realise Resident do mail order, although I have been to the shop. One to add to my list of possibles.

I’ve used Scott Nangle recently (after hearing of this supplier on this forum) for a few orders and have received excellent service, as mentioned above by Richard Dane. Clearly, others have had poor experiences in the past, but so far I am pleased with the service.

I’ve also used What Records and they have been very good as well. Sometimes, as others have said, there can be items out of stock, but I have found them helpful when you contact them.

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Diverse vinyl, used them for years, always helpful

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Diverse Vinyl, Norman Records, Juno have all been good.
Most recently, with trepidation, I ordered a copy of Red, Gold, Green & Blue from Amazon. The order shown as fully tracked and I could follow the journey from Lombardy. It arrived a day early. The album was in a slim corrugated board wallet, half a dozen labels, bar codes and title made me think that was shelf packing. It was inside a standard vinyl posting box, inside a larger box surrounded by airpax.
Last Sunday I ordered from Rough Trade, three albums at half price. The confirmatory email said “Your order will be shipped from our new warehouse facility, in 7-12 days. We apologise for the delay and hope you can wait until then to receive this item.”
Monday morning a message, your order is with our courier.
An hour later the courier mails go say delivery tomorrow “by the end of the day”. When I tried to check the tracking later I was prompted to download a tracking app that immediately flagged up a security risk. I phoned the depot and was told I had to use the app to “protect my security”. The parcel arrived at midday Wednesday.

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Hugely impressed by Diverse Vinyl. Especially the packaging. Obviously on sold out items you have to wait while they source, ‘it’s what it is’ :wink:

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