Best way to connect TV to Naim

I have Naim Supernait 1 and NDX and want to connect TV.
What choice is better to connect TV with NDX or TV with Supernait ?

Not sure of the connections on those products but our tv goes to our muso2 by optical cable, never missed a beat, syncs perfectly too.

Correction, seems you have optical in on the NDX, good luck

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If you have a TV with RCA outputs for sound, you can connect to the Supernait direct (as the TV sound should be analogue out).

If you have a more modern TV with only digital out (via optical), then go via the optical-in on the NDX (which it appears to have).

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Yep - if the TV supports optical out then going into the NDX keeps things nice and simple and avoids galvanically connecting the TV to the Naim kit.


I have exactly the same setup, Supernait & NDX.
It depends on the audio output connections on your TV.
If the TV has analogue output, go to Supernait.
If the TV has digital output, normally optical Toslink, don’t go to Supernait as its DAC is pants, by far the best is go to the NDX

SQ is likely to be better if you use an optical out from the TV to the NDX. That being said, I would try both and see which you prefer.

I have Samsung TV with optical out.
Forgot to write I have Supernait 1

Perfect - just set the TV audio output to PCM 2.0, connect up your toslink cable and you’re ready to go. You’ve got the choice of using the DAC in the SN1 or the NDX, but as @Mike-B advises (and he has both units), the NDX has the better DAC.

Ok thank you

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