Best way to connect

I am connecting via phono for my Supernait to my phono stage and to my Chord Hugo TT

Is that the best way to connect?

All for my CDX2, the DAC is disabled and I let the Hugo do the DAC bit - that is connected via coax

Arer these best connections to use - thanks gurus

In theory it’s best to use Din at the Naim end. I’d certainly suggest to try before you buy as you may find you hear no difference.

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If you can be bothered to get hold of an RCA to DIN cable, you may find that it gives a small improvement, although I couldn’t say whether or not it will be noticeable for you.
You might also want to check that the grounding arrangements are correct if the CD player/Hugo is your only connected source. I’m not familiar with the Hugo TT, but with the original Hugo, the ground connection between amp and CD player would, I believe, have been broken, and this may or may not be the case with the TT.


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