Best way to get qobuz purchased music to melco

Hi guys, dont know if anyone can help, but can you link qobuz to melco, like you can with
As i have a few albums that i would like to transfer over

if i understand your question well, you want to transfer qobuz downloads on the melco. Personnaly i put the music bought on qobuz on a usb stick, on flac, then on the front usb imput on the melco.
But maybe i was not the question…

Hi thanks, yes thats part off the question, but i did think you could add your qobuz account to the melco, so that it automatically downloads direct from qobuz, but i cant find qobuz in the account download menu on the melco.
I have my albums on my mac air and i guess i will need to do it manually

it’s not possible, and hirez audio directly in the melco is not available in europe too. Only in Japan from what i read ( hirez audio), but maybe other countries…

Dam, i managed to down load directly from straight into melco and was hoping to do the same with qobuz
So i guess i need to try and get them off qobuz on to a stick then, not quick sure how to go about that if i am being honest as its not my thing

Is the Melco music folder not visible on your Mac, so that you can just save it to the correct folder from there?

All sorted thanks
But a shame that you can’t download direct to the melco with qobuz, like you can with others

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I download a lot of my stuff from Qobuz but usually change the genre in particular, such as from classique to classical, chamber music or whatever. I wouldn’t want them going direct to the QNAP so downloading to the laptop, sorting the metadata and then copying to the nas works perfectly.

I’ve found downloads from Qobuz to have metadata that ranges from a mess to totally non-existent, so I use Metadatics to sort it out. So using a Mac to download it is probably how I would choose to do it anyway. Unless the Melco has its own metadata editor.

Qobuz is a real crap : it’s more and more expensive, the metadata is a s h i t, the downloading process is complicated…
If i find the same album on Bandcamp, i don’t hesitate.

I dont use qobuz, it was just that i had a few albums download from it that i had forgotten about and wanted to have them on the melco

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transfer to a memory stick and then put the memory stick in the melco for downloading is very quick. around 5 minutes in total. better convert in flac before.

With the computer and Melco both on the network, I can’t see why you would need to use a memory stick for the transfer. Seems like an unnecessary faff.

i prefer. Transferring from pc to melco by network is not so straightforward. For me at least. With the unitserve i was doing that and sometimes was waiting some hours before the album appeared on the app.

I don’t save anything on my computer, I just select my Unitiserve downloads folder as the destination to save the album, run Metadatics to edit if necessary, and it’s done.

It’s a doddle. Download your chosen format, extract, check the metadata and then copy to your Media Server directory :+1:
I’ve rarely had any metadata issues.

Surely the Melco must have a network share to see the music folder or how do you get it on it in the first place. I have the downloads set in Qobuz to go directly to my Roon server via it’s network share. Works perfectly I am surprised a system at nearly 2k can’t do this.

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i was doing that on my unitserve. But after i was waiting often a lot of time before it appears on the app. With the memory stick i transfer an album in 1 minute max . And it appears instantly on the app.

i didn’t said it can’t do that. I just prefer this method. I am very rarely buying at once more than 1 album. So all is very quick.

Agreed, at least it used to be a doddle, follow the instructions under FAQ on the Melco website, make sure your firewall allows the IP address. Then type \192etc into the browser, copy and paste the folder.
Then my PC died, bought a new Dell, all I could afford and there is something blocking access. I have done everything as before, the people at John Lewis and Bullguard have been great.
Melco really don’t help, they now have two websites.
The dealer? Don’t ask!
As an alternative, the USB stick works well, but takes a lot longer. PS it’s not just buying from qobuz, I have to do it when buying from Sound Liaison.