Best way to link a CD transport to Supernait 3

Hi I have a CD transport that obviously needs a DAC to work. I was hoping for some advice on the best way to link it to a Supernait 3 as currently I am not entirely sure. Can I link it to my NDX2 and use that DAC???

Any help is welcome thank you

Yes, your suggestion will work fine.


Thank you for confirming, appreciate it.

Out of pure interest, what transport are you using?

Cambridge CXC


So yes, if you have an ndx2 then why not use that dac. The cxc is just acting as a digital transport. And you will have just discovered a cheap way to play your cds.


Thank you I didn’t realise you could like things to the ndx2 thought they had to go into the amp.

Do let us know how you get on. The CXC has received some very good reviews and with many on here worried about failing mechs on CD players, something like the CXC might offer an effective way of spinning CDs for a few more years.


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I linked my very old Arcam Alpha CD player though my ND5XS2 - via a digital input into my streamer - effectively the CD player became a transport only. Then just be selecting that as your source the streamer then does all the DA conversion and relays to the SN3. I think you do precisely the same with the NDX2… But you have probably got this all figured out by now. The reason I have replied is that I noticed that my CDs now sound a little better but the real surprise is that I can can now control the CD player (play /pause/ skip etc from the SN3 remote! I particularly enjoy this feature because now I can just have one remote and control everything.

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