Best way to sell a large vinyl/memorabilia collection

Definitely worth following up on your idea, much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to response, lots of useful information and a good selection of different paths to take or at least try, this forum and its members never sees to amaze me, real hive of information and people willing to share it, again many thanks and a merry Christmas to you all :tada:

How about listing them just like a garage sale. Pristine vinyl original for sale this Saturday only no reasonable offer refused. Listed on Facebook and other media. Have a friend or two hang out with you open the garage door and let the collectors come in. I’d also let local bands and on the sale as well as people that own and run record stores. If the collection is as good as you say it is the people will come.


Cusack is such a legend.
(a good script helps too, no doubt)

The facial expressions sell what is off screen.
The pure joy of this scene makes an otherwise great movie ‘so much better’.

Glad it was linked to here, as clearly it fits the bill nicely.

As someone who loves me some ‘second hand trading’; I have seen first hand ‘nice BMWs’ et al go for ‘nothing’, very much along the lines of what is playing out in that four minute long clip.

High encourage anyone who skipped that chewyyoube link to go back and watch it.
Four minutes of bliss.


I think you have here what you need to advise your relative. One national seller of s/h vinyl is eildotcom who probably have the capital to buy a significant collection. The music mags like Mojo also have listings of dealers who will buy collections.


Search out the auction houses that specialise in this area. Best price for least effort. Otherwise it means trawling through and looking up prices, then advertising on discogs and arranging shipping etc x 2500.


Another vote here for auction. Selling individually is a labour of love and if you don’t want the hassle it’s the best way of getting the best price. The fees may be high but you will end up with more in your pocket than selling to a dealer.


Many thanks again for members advice, feeling happier now I can pass on some positive advice, think they we’re getting overwhelmed by the whole thing, never mind the physical presents of so many record boxes :joy:

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Harper Field auctioneers in Stroud have a sale in January including hundreds of lots of music memorabilia (listed under “ephemera”) and vinyl records. Their catalogue is on line now and will give you an ideas of values.


Also they could add say 100 to discogs chosen at random to give them some idea of value.
My 500 records equates to a discogs “medium” value of £11k and “high” of 24k.


Thanks pev999 also sounds like a good shout.

That’s the frightening thing, if they are not careful they could loose out badly, it’s scary how much certain lp’s sell for.
A friend of mine has a Black Sabbath album he reckons is worth about £1k.
I guess at the end of the day its what a collector is willing to pay, thanks Robert.

Not IMO, the right way to think. If nothing is done, this collection could go to land fill :anguished:

Doing anything is a net gain. Don’t think about the What Ifs.

As @robert_h says, try looking up some on Discogs, to get an idea of value. Take your time, be realistic. Its rare for anything to be Near Mint. I would rather have a genuine VG+, that a chancy NM.

For this to work, you will need to Do The Detail. Enter the exact catalogue number and get everything right. Its worth it… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Vinly tap is a good place for a price guide and sell,
Spend sometime going through them,
Some might be worth a few quid,
Then sell them individually,
Trying to sell the lot in one go, won’t be worth it, but hey that’s just me,
Good luck in whatever you decide

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