Best way to stream from QNAP NAS to NAC-N-272?

What’s the best way to get a Tidal-like UI experience on the Naim app using my FLAC library, which is stored on my QNAP NAS? The stock media servers are so slow and clumsy that I never use them, resulting in my library being equivalent to an archive. (System is hardwired NAC-N-272 with ext PS feeding ATC Active 50s. Currently I just listen to vinyl, Tidal, and the odd CD.)

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Ethernet from NAS to 272 via the wireless hub (router) or maybe better for ease of wire routing via an ethernet switch.
Control point needs to be the Naim app on a tablet or smartphone.
Install quality media server software on the NAS such as Asset UPnP or Minimserver

Load asset or miniserve on the Nas. Then use the Naim app, it will work with either.

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Depends on what you mean by Tidal-like UI experience. If you are OK with the functionality of the Naim app, and just need a good uPnP server package, then as Fatcat said install either Asset or Minimserve.

If you want a nicer look and feel, better presentation of metadata, seamless integration of your Tidal and FLAC libraries, then investigate Roon. Plenty of info on the forum of how to Roonify your 272. There is some upfront and ongoing cost involved, though.


When I had a 272 I streamed from my QNAP NAS by installing Minimserver on the QNAP. Using the Naim app, finding the music I wanted to play was fast and efficient. I’m not sure if this constitutes a “Tidal-like UI experience” as I’ve never used Tidal, but it did all I wanted. I’ve subsequently added Asset server and stream from that as well through the Naim app. Many find Asset simpler. But the quality of the metadata does become important with either server.

One thing with old platform streamers like the 272: it’s worth setting your UPnP server to transcode to WAV. You can do this with both Minim and Asset and it did slightly improve SQ to my ears.


Wow, such great helpful answers - exactly what I was looking for. I’m going to give Asset a try. Thanks all.

One immediate question… Is it advisable to remove existing media servers from my NAS, or can multiple servers coexist peacefully? Currently (before installing the audio-only Asset), my Naim app UPnP input lists my NAS twice, which I presume means there are two media servers already running there.

I’d say turn them off. Keep it simple.

I have Asset as well as Minumserver installed om my QNAP NAS without any issues. I used Minim for a very long time but recently I’m using Asset more, depends on my mood and how I like my music represented in the Naim app.

I’d remove them, but I suppose turning them off does the same job.

I’d also turn off the music library. Just point asset at the folder containing the music files (multimedia???), a structured filing system is not required, asset sorts everything out.

There’s no great harm in leaving them running, and certainly no need to uninstall one you don’t use. Just log into the NAS and turn it off if you’re not going to use it and your NAS won’t have to work quite as hard.

All you need to do is ‘Uninstall’
This removes it from your NAS & leaves it on the NAS’s web (www) packet centre.
It also relieves the CPU of running it in the background & so used less RAM.
Top Tip is to remove any NAS software program thats not used - if its a must for NAS operation, then the NAS software will prevent you from uninstalling

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Plus one.

The aim is to only have the HD activity light flickering during music playback.

Taking a look at the resource monitor is useful.

Asset installed. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m now going to run my library through the various PerfectTUNES (from dbPoweramp) tools. I might come back with additional questions, but I’ve got my leg over the wall here, thanks to you folks. What a great resource you all are.

I disable the media servers and everything related to the media console in my QNAP. Asset should serve you well, if not, give Minimserver a try.

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I run MinimServer on my Qnap and it presents my music perfectly to my Naim 172. I tidy up tags with Mp3tag which is freeware.

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