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He’s going to love it. :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi Nick, attaching your picture is done in your Preferences > Profile

Thanks for saving me from all those emoticons, you know how I just love the little buggers


Hi Nick, attaching your picture is done in your Preferences > Profile

Thanks for saving me from all those emoticons, you know how I just love the little buggers


Hello! Sorry, not related to the forum, but I thought this was the best place I could see to report something minor on the Naim web site. Seems to have the now-discontinued Naim DAC at the bottom of it. Just thought I’d mention it.


CThis is the same forum as the Roon forum and I think it’s probably the best out there.

It works well on iPhone safari as well so I have never downloaded the app (was not even aware one existed).

Links to other posts look cool too.

I expect a lot of moaning but it should subside quite quickly.

Direct pasting of a picture location (or a picture) inserts it into the post, the add picture icon only needs to be used to add from iPad library.

There is a “like” option on the Roon forum @Richard.Dane have you purposely decided against it? It a very easy way of acknowledging a post without a +1 or some such and I feel it will certainly be missed in the what are you listening to,…, thread :thread:



SJB, the “like” button is there - look for the heart icon…


In the current forum I like the possibility to follow forum members and receive alerts when they post something.

This seems not possible with this new beta version?

Otherwise fine so far, looks good on iOS


Senior moment obviously!



Sensibly, I’ve just noticed that I can’t “like” my own reply…


Gosh. This looks and feels very different. Goodbye old-fashioned square avatars; hello new modern circular ones.


Be There are sub fora allowed which could be very useful. If you look at the Roon forum for example.

You can see Naim has its place right there on the Roon forum.

The Roon forum has quite a few community moderators doing the job for free who will tidy posts to these sub fora. It might be useful particularly for new members if in Hi-Fi there was a subfora for each product or product class and so if I wanted Information about Uniti Nova I could go straight to a sub fora all about it.

So there are different ways of viewing the forum, clicking the main title (Hifi or in the Roon example audio products) gives you a chronological list of threads just like the old forum, but clicking a sub fora just give you threads about (uniti nova or Naim audio in the Roon example).

And then these sub fora are searchable, so there hopefully would be a lot less repetition.

I imagine it’s possible to give moderation rights limited to this categorising of threads into the correct sub fora so you wouldn’t have to do all the work @Richard.Dane



Hello team

Account sorted and now on line
Looking forward to making a difference again in 2019


I go to Preferences>Account, where the Profile Picture thingy is. I click on the Add a custom picture radio button but when I click on Upload Picture nothing happens apart from the fact it darkens as if it were trying.

Latest Chrome, latest Windows


Nick, is it a large picture? I’m not sure what the size limitation is but the developer should be able to advise of there is one. Maybe try reducing in size and trying again?


Nick, my pic is 500x500 pixels


It’s something to do with Chrome. I logged in with Edge and was able to add a picture straight away.


I don’t think so, I’ve been using Chrome without problems


Ok, up and running, but on an iPad the window to type a response is rather small… can we change it to provide an easier to use space.


Click “hide preview “ and you get a full size box.



Cheers… but I then get another windows popping up which I then need to close… obviously teething issues I guess it’s why we are here…