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Found it! If anyone’s wondering, it’s the inconspicuous squarish icon at the R end of the control bar at the top of the box you type into.


Simon , it might be that we could do with a Tablet mode option?


HomePage - still getting accustomed to things. Will be a long process I fear. Meantime I think the home page has a glitch. On the left hand side is the list of categories. On the right hand side the topics that have the latest posts. However, I’ve noticed that within that list, the ‘forum rules’ category is always at the top, implying that it has the most recent posts. But it doesn’t. Also, within the box for that category is Hi-Fi corner. Similarly that also is not showing the most recent posts. Those start with the second topic in the list on the RHS.


Richard has made this so…




You are able to control the pinning of threads for your user, click on the pinned globally button and you will see the unpin option:


@.sjb - thanks. Got it now and have ‘unpinned’ that particular category.


I can now see the Beta forum. Both it, and this Forum Test Beta now have locked padlock logos next to them, which presumably means they are inaccessible to non-beta testers, as I can get into both.


I have opened all of these topics, yet a couple of them are not greyed out, which I assume they should be when I’ve read them?

I’m pretty sure this has happened a few times. Also, I’m sure the little numbers next to each room, and the Latest/Unread/New numbers are not always accurate.


Text size seems to me to be unnecessarily small throughout this forum. To me, it’s certainly harder to read than the old one. I’m lucky that my eyesight (unlike my hearing) is pretty good for my age, and it’s not that I can’t read it, but I suspect some will find it difficult.
(I’ve only tried it on my iPhone so far, presumably it’s different on iPads, laptops etc?)
There is no option I can find to change text size.


You can use zoom on most platforms to make text larger.


You can, but it’s a bit of a faff if you need to move the page around constantly just to read it. Can you imagine the scorn that would be poured on, say, Word if you couldn’t even use a text size that suited you?


When someone replies to an earlier post in the same thread, the avatar of the previous poster appears in the top R corner, which is useful if you want to see what they are responding to, especially in a long thread.
Then if you want to return to the response to keep reading the thread, you have to scroll down to look for it, and again, it might be hard to find in a long thread. Sometimes there is a back button at the bottom of the screen…

…but the button is not always there, and even if it is, it never works. Either I’ve completely misunderstood what’s going on, or this needs fixing. (On iPhone/iOS12.1.2)


Just to add, I’ve now had that same back button appear at random. As long as I stay on the thread, it stays visible, but again, doesn’t work.


I miss one feature from the old forum. Unless I don’t know how to switch it on:

Replies to the thread I’m following.

How do I switch it on?


Can you still set up Daily Digest, can’t find it.


Hi, this can be set up for days when not active on the forum.


That seems unnecessarily limiting.

Would it be possible to enable an option that irrespective of whether one visits or not, an email summary is sent daily?


Hi, Unfortunately not at the moment, if you enable mailing list mode you can receive emails about every new post but that is very excessive and not recommended. We will look if there is anything we can do to change this going forwards

opened #88


Hi, if you would like to change your text size go into your account preferences, select the interface heading and the second option down should allow you to change the text size. Many thanks