Better SQ?

Hello peeps, I watch an American vlogger who owns a company called GR Research, they check speakers out, sonic measurements etc, and advise on any changes to crossover parts etc to smooth out any visible problems with the sonics, many speakers, including high end units pass through their hands and almost always find sonic discrepancies caused by cheaper parts used in the electronics, my question (at last) to my respected forum associates is, does any one know of any company in the UK, particularly Yorkshire, who would carry out a similar inspection/service?

I’m not sure why you’d want to do this and if the results (and expenditure) would be worthwhile. Most speaker designers make an informed choice on crossover components - Eg, sometimes the most expensive option is not the best for that application. If you’ve got something that bothers you about the speakers (possibly room interaction), then perhaps a different choice of speaker or dealing with the room problem may be more appropriate.

If you still want to go down this route than have a look at someone like Reference Fidelity Components who do this sort of thing.

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It’s not just a vlogger, it’s a bloke / company who seems to know better and has benefit in selling replacements of components often at high prices.



Thanks James, I had considered what you mention and thought I’d check all avenues of input, my local hifi specialists are apparently very good at advising on room acoustics etc so I will also check with them, thanks for your input.

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Hello young man, yes I know you’re right, and obviously one should exercise caution at anything of this nature, too easy sometimes to be ‘led up the garden path’ by ‘experts’ I know, thanks though!

I suppose I did this when I bought an ‘uprated’ crossover for the SBLs.

The advantages included:

The crossover schematics are available online;
The changes were just in better parts, not in changes to the specs;
I could borrow the xovers and try them before purchase;
I still have the original xovers and the speakers are not altered.

I have friends who have had their crossovers breathed on to good effect, by fellow enthusiasts with a reputation.

I would think a LOT before allowing someone to do this to my speakers on their own recommendation; but, there are gains to be had.



While this can be the case, more often then not I would say the choice for most speaker designers is the majority of speakers are built to a price point & with the cross over being a part you don’t see, unfortunately typically corners are cut here. Do the quality of cross over components make a difference?, as far as I’m concerned they do.

Would I recommend tearing apart a new pair of 5 figure plus speakers & re-designing the cross over, probably not. But I don’t see a problem changing some components in an older pair of speakers, like for like values, to try & achieve better performance for not much $. My current speakers are Audio Physic Scorpio’s, I’ve owned them for ~13years (& they were a couple years old when I bought them). My plain is to play around with the tweeter & mid cross over components this coming winter to see what kind of performance gains I can achieve. Nothing too crazy, just looking to replace some of the in series components with better performing components. In a world where spending hundreds & thousands of dollars on a cable is the norm, I don’t have a problem spending a few hundred on cross over components & see what I can achieve.

As for the person in question, he has worked on some very well regarded speaker crossovers (some which I have heard & were great sounding speakers), so I do believe he knows what he is doing. With that being said, while he is sometimes changing the crossover for something that should perform better, I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean you will like it better. While technically inferior, maybe there was something about the old design or how it interacted with your room etc, that you happen to like better. So while I think its possible you may achieve a far better performing speaker with one of his upgrade kits, you may also achieve a speaker you don’t like as well.


Thanks mr ‘U’ yes, I agree it would take a high degree of trust to let someone tinker with the speakers, a trust I’m not sure I really have! Thanks for your input.

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Yeah, I think you’re so right and you make some very valid points, back to the thinking room I think, isn’t life wonderful, it’s all so easy!!

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I actually did a GR Research upgrade to a pair of Q150s I keep for my secondary system and it took them to a whole new level. It is actually quite easy given a basic level of craftsmanship skills, technical knowledge and self confidence. Beware of the naysayers and their provident, thoughtful comments about something they have zero experience with.


Thanks llatpoh76, very useful information and great to hear from someone who’s actually been through the process, thank you!

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You really dropped more money on an upgrade kit than the actual value of the loudspeakers?

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This was done about two years ago, right before the supply chain price increases, so it was actually 40% of the value back then. I also didn’t get the Tube Connectors which are rather pricey and would have required an externally visible modification. I could easily swap the old crossovers back in if I ever want to sell, and then sell the GR ones separately and probably at least break even.

The end result in SQ roughly matches the visual impact from the stock crossover:

To the the one built with the GR Research supplied components:

Also, the joy of having it built with my own hands is priceless and perduring.


I totally agree to that.


Russ Andrews (based in Cumbria, so not too far) used to offer a loudspeaker upgrade service, which included replacing the crossover with a much simpler circuit.

From their website, it looks like the service is no longer available, but they offer a free loudspeaker upgrade guide and parts for you to DIY, which might appeal.

I’ve no experience with it, but they’re always friendly and helpful on the phone.


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Thanks Ebor, that sounds really interesting, cheers!

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Nickd, is this for your cm8’s?

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Hi Ardbeg10y, yes it is, just a possibility at the moment, I wondered what the thinking was perhaps of those that had experience

We’ve just arrived home from holiday. I’ll write down my experience with my cm5 s2 tomorrow.

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Thank you, I appreciate it!