Bi-amp 2 Nap 100's

Hello, I’d like to know if it is possible to use two Nap 100 amps together. My source is a Naim Unitiqute 2 driving a pair of B&W 804’s. Any advice would be most appreciated.

The UQ2 has only one set of outputs so you will be stuck. One 200 will be better than two 100s, but you are probably best swapping the Qute for a SuperUniti.

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I considered using y-cables to make the connections to each of the nap’s but that seems awkward. if done that way, bi-wired, to drive the woofers and tweeters separately, would each of the dual mono amps in the nap drive each speaker at 50 or 100 wpc? perhaps a silly question but I have two nap 100’s and am attached to them. thanks.

Treat yourself and get a DAC-V1 to build another system, especially if you have a pair of spare speakers that used to be attached to your Nap 100s… It’s so easy to spend other people’s money… :wink: :rofl:

I’m getting the sense that using the nap’s as mono blocks isn’t such a great idea. :hushed:

Well, it would be fun to try if you can find some sort of splitting box.

If you can solder well, it isn’t all that difficult to make up a set of cables to do what you want to do. I did this a few years ago using my Uniti and a pair of NAP100’s, simply because I had them and was curious. I made a set to try on a pair of Linn Kan2’s. Worked just fine.

The big question is, will it really be an audible difference to make it worthwhile. For me, even though the added cost was minimal, because I already had the cabling and spare Preh DIN connectors, and amps, I felt after several months of going around and around with it, sonically, things sounded better just sticking with the internal amp of the Unity.

Everyone’s mileage may differ of course. I think general thought is going with the better streamer such as the Superuniti, and some going with better amp such as the NAP200. All depends on the situation and maybe what you have at hand, equipment wise, or funds. Enjoy your music, that is the main thing!

By the way, I also tried the mono thing as well, just using a single channel from each 100 as monobloc, and not using the Uniti internal amplifier. I came to pretty much the same conclusion, the all in one box really is quite well sorted by itself!

thanks very much for your insights; the fact that you have direct experience having done what I’m thinking of doing speaks volumes. you, as others, have suggested that the nap 200 would be a better solution (rather than trying to make two nap 100’s greater than the sum of their parts). I’m going to take your advice and go that route. much obliged.

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