Bi-amp 250/300?


I currently have 252/300/ATC SCM20.
I have experience the benefit of bi-wiring a speaker, but with Naim it is not recommended.
I wonder if anyone tried to bi-amp to benefit from the HF/LP isolation/separation with Naim NAPs?

The other reason of this thought is to better control the SCM20 due to it’s power hungry.
Any thoughts or recommendations?



The 300 should be more than enough for the SCM20. If you are doubtful about them with the 300, why not try a pair of SCM20 ASLT? It would be a heck of a lot cheaper than biamping with Naim.

Thanks for the input, this makes me feels a lot better.
By looking at the number of 300 power output and SCM20 requirement makes me worry.

Was thinnking about active, but the extended length of SL XLR pair alone puts me off.

You don’t need SL cables to run ATC active speakers. In any event, I don’t believe the Din to XLR is made in long lengths so they aren’t an option.

If you mean active driving of your existing speakers you’ll need an active crossover (Snaxo with appropriate settings, or a third party one). Passive biamping is of uncertain benefit and probably only worth trying if you already have a spare second power amp. Then there is ATC’s own active - where you know the amps are capable…

Can these speakers’ crossovers be bypassed? Confess I’m not familiar with that model

I cannot be certain as I heaven’t had a pair, but my expectation is that the ATC crossover is likely to be easy to remove, and I would be very surprised if that is not the case.

In that case - he knows where to send them :slight_smile:

I can see doing Bi-amp is not a common practice for Naim fans.
Just wondering if anyone did tried and had good result with passive bi-amp.

There have been several threads on the subject - use the search tool. Some people have reported a benefit, though I only recall one person saying it was a significant improvement. It likely will depend a lot on the speakers, as well as on the amps (and your ears).

Passive will never be as good as active bi-amping (or tri- with 3-way speakers), as you still have the speaker crossover in the circuit and not direct control of the voice coil as you have with active bi-amping. As I suggested in an earlier post, it is questionable as to whether sensible to buy another amp just to do it, but if you have a spare one already there is nothing to lose trying other than the need for extra cables.

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Given the problems you raise in your “powerline” thread, the last thing to be doing is adding an extra power amp to your setup, I’d have thought. Best to concentrate on solving the issues with your current system, first.

The 300 is more than adequate to drive your speakers in your rather small room unless you’re into head-banging sound levels. At least one person on the forum prefers passive SCM40s driven by a 300 to the active version, which has over 240 wpc.


However bi-amping doesn’t play louder, just with better control - active at least, passive rather less certain.

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