Bi-Amping into two different sets of speakers

Is this possible?

282/Hicap into:
Amp1: powering speaker set 1
Amp2: powering speaker set 2
I’ll have one or the other amp turned off.

Don’t ask why…

282’s headphone out into another preamp.
That preamp onto an amp into different soeakers…

Can any one of these options Cause damage to the 282, Hicap or a 250?

Sounds insane and I won’t do either but just asking if at possible…
Might have Hicap hookedon to both a nap250 and a nap100.
Nap100 to power desktop speakers.
Nap 250 to power HiFi speakers…

Rather than the NAP 100, I would rather have a Qute or Nait running off Tape Out from the 282. Kind of what I do, in fact.

Why settle for such an odd setup? Some kind of A vs B test?


Just asking - don’t think I’ll do it…

Hey - did you join us for any of the zoom chats on Saturday - Chris has been hosting these the past several weeks.

You DID say “don’t ask,” and then I went and did! :grin:

I have not been on any Zoom calls. I enjoy the give and take on the Forum, and the regulars.



Well,let me answer…
So I’ve got a ndx2/282/250 in the study.
And also a chord qutest schiit headphone amp. Was thinking of getting a Schiit Vidar to power my Totem Kin Minis that I got home from work. These were being Originally powered by a nad 3020.

So - just had the thought that i could hook the Schiit Valhalla to the 282 and use the ndx2 and 282.
But why stop there - hook the Valhalla into the Vidar.
Or -
Leave the Valhalla alone and go the biamp.riute…

In any case - these will probably all sound horrible - and this would just be a 1 day setup.

This is what happens when you’re locked at home …

In any case - work starts again tomorrow and no more time for idle thoughts…

Oh - I remember - you’re not in Seattle anymore either are you?

I admire the energy and curiosity you have on tap for such projects. I did the dad-thing later than you, I think, and have had to save my strength these last 15 years, to keep up on other fronts. :grimacing:



… they keep me sane … The kids are now 3 and 9.

I find it strangely satisfying and also can’t find the word…

But the only place where written accounts of my kids exist - is this forum…

Scraping this site of my posts will lead to an interesting account of my time with the kids

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Oh yeah - it’s also true that most of my posts take a different turn entirely from the original intent. I’m thankful to Richard for his patience.

I agree with Nick here; if you want a basic 2 zone system from a single source, you would just take a tape out signal from the mains system to something like a NAIT. That way you have power and local control.


I have a Supernait (1) with source components attached as normal.
Additionally I have a Naim-2 in a separate room connected to the Supernait ‘Tape Out’.
I select the Naim-2 source from the Supernait ‘Record’ row buttons, this allows the Nait-2 to play together with whatever is playing on the Supernait, or independently.
The Tape Out is a buffered output, this means the connection load (capacitance etc) is isolated from the source connection & does not affect the source SQ.
… not sure if this is the sort of thing you had in mind, but with the 282 & it’s record button row & it’s tape out, it seems it might be.


Thanks. That’s the info that I needed.

This is what I have done.
Flatcap 2x
2x Nap 150s
Each 150 powers a pair of B&W DM4 in different rooms. I just switch one amp off as required, just not very often.
Works great for me.

Going down the route that Richard Recommended.
Is there a magic set of buttons to push to get it to work?
I’ve got a DIN to RCA cable inserted into HDD (which is supposed to be In/Out). How do I change it to output mode? I think it’s still in input mode…
In any case - no sound in headphone amp.
Can’t find anything in the preamp manual.

Or maybe I need a special cable? I’m just using a regular RCA to DIN source cable that I had - the pins might be different?

You’ll need a tape i/c or an i/c wired to take signal from the REC OUT pins on the tape in/out DIN.

A proper Tape i/c has four RCAs. This uses all five pins of the DIN end, instead of just three.

If you have only two RCA ends, it is not always clear if it is RCA>DIN or DIN>RCA, without testing, unless there is a marker on the wire at the Source end, in Naim-fashion.


The one that I have is a RCA to Din…I’ve also used hg as din to RCA - naim source to non-naim amp. :slight_smile:

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