Bi Amping with Nova plus NAP 250 dr

if I wanted to add a NAP 250 dr to the Uniti Nova, would it be possible to use both amps to drive the speakers in bi amping?

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Bi-amping is Not Recommended, by Naim.
Sorry… :expressionless:

??? errr ??? Naim not recommend bi-amping ???
Are you confusing this with bi-wiring? which is not recommended

A few peeps have bi-amped Nova & other integrated amps (& others)
The Nova has an Audio Output DIN connection for adding a Power Amp

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Yes, you connect the 250 using the pre-amp output and run speaker cables from both the Nova and the 250 to the respective bi-wire / amp speaker terminals. Whether it’s better to just run the speakers from the 250 would be interesting to test.

No. Perhaps Bi-amping like that, is not… ideal - is a better way to put it…?
I would just use the Nova (*) as a pre to drive the 250.
The 250 is a very good power amp… :thinking:

YMMV, etc - as always.

PS. (* - I see that the power output of the Uniti Nova is similar to the 250, so not necessarily such a bad ‘match’).

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I have the combination and it is possible if the speaker has the possibility. I assume yours has that.

I’ve tried different things with and without bi-amping and I have to say, I didn’t notice any real difference and now i only use the output stage of the 250 with one set of Witch hat cables. they are connected to the high-mid range of the loudspeaker.

If your speakers really need more power than either amp can provide you may find some improvement. If not I suspect you will get better results with single wire connections. There’s nothing to lose by trying if you have the cables. Personally I wouldn’t want the clutter of two sets of cables so I’d just find an amp that was up to the job.

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I am using my Nova
and a 250 DR to successfully bi-amp my KEF Reference 5.

The Nova is driving the bass and the 250 DR is driving the high/midrange.

Whouah! 17 k euros speakers with Nova source and Nova pre.
Nice speakers and nice mullet system too.

“Mullet” is a state of mind and based on ideas that does not necessarily be a fact in reality…

My system sounds wonderful to me ( being a student at Adolf Fredriks Music School in the past and subsequently having the ears to determine what sounds good or not…)


To Naim community standards it’s a mullet, but it can evolve still.
For Naim members, I included, the Source and Pre are the head of a system.

…of course since Naim only sells the aforementioned! :slight_smile:)

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I feel you are waiting for the 272.2 , am I wrong?

I might go for image

with a

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Would be terrific! :+1:

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What is the top picture ?

It is the Gryphon Diablo 300.

Absolutely, there are simply ‘conventional ways’ to do things and different ways, if the different ones work and you’re happy then great.

There will be many speakers that cannot get the best output from even modest sources and amplification, and speaker upgrades might well satisfy more than source upgrades.

By conventional standards many ot the recommended Focal speakers to partner Naim equipment could be considered too much for humble source/amp components by ‘conventional standards’ I suspect.


To my ears my Kef loudspeakers bring out the best from my Nova and the 250dr, however the Nova and the 250dr does not bring out the best of the Kef’s. They have much more to give.

I hope to change that when I will upgrade less than 3 years from now when I intend to retire.

Singing? Most Swedish people I know sing well.