Biamping Nap200 with Nap250-2

Anyone has tried this and can give some experience
about good and bad

And what combination ?
nap200 for the top ? and nap250- 2 for bass section

I got the nac272 pre to use

Naim doesn’t really recommend bi-amping — little gain, especially when looking at the cost. They rather suggest moving up the power amp ladder…

Try them the other way round!

As an alternative view, what about a 300? Cost may be similar to a 200 + 250-2 and I know the 300 is a huge step up from An Olive 250 as I did that myself

Worth a try, but not sure how much you will gain, report back :wink:

I agree that just throwing a secondhand 200 into the mix at around £700 upwards for an old one is way cheaper then selling the 250-2 and getting a 300.

I have the Nap250-2 and i was only corius about of buying a cheap second hand nap200
therefore my question if anyone have tried a biamp combination .

It’s not a issue because i have plenty of power in my nap250-2 but we all know what a biamp can do with headroom and so on
and the next step is to upgrade to the DR version

Similarly I am not convinced of the value of passive bi-amping. Active bi-amping (or tri-amping depending on the speakers) is quite another matter, but that requires an active crossover, at additional expense, and removal or bypass of the passive crossovers inside the speakers.

I agree with IB and the other previous posters; which is probably a strange statement given that I happily run an even wonkier biamp arrangement than the one being considered by the OP. In my case I already had the 2nd amp (a leftover from a previous system which has no resale value in my local market) and a second set of NACA5 so when I acquired a pair of Neat XL6 speakers, it was a small matter/cost of purchasing a DIN-RCA cable from Flashback Cables to satisfy my curiosity and my innate contrarian nature towards conventional wisdom. In my particular case I did get good improvements ( a complete fluke I would hazard…sometimes they happen) to my ears at least and the biamp arrangement has therefore stayed in situ . However, I’m under no illusion that my biamp arrangement has suddenly elevated me into NAP250DR territory and I do suggest that in the OPs case he might consider that his money would be better spent on a single better amp.

It mainly depends on the options your speakers give you:

  1. If you can’t bypass the passive crossover, then forum wisdom has it that biamping is not beneficial.

  2. If you can split the passive crossover (drivers driven independently but high resp low-pass legs of the passive crossover still in place between amps and drivers) then biamping might give a little improvement. The better amp should drive the tweeter.

  3. If you can bypass the passive crossover completely and have an active crossover instead, then the improvement can be tremendous. The better amp should also drive the tweeter.

Since you specifically want to assign one amp to bass and one to treble this would require option 2 or 3 and may not be an option with your speakers.

I’m not sure that Naim are as strongly anti-biamp as some suggest. (The Supernait even comes with a DIN output labelled Biamp). Sure, it’s not in the same performance league as a full active system, but then it doesn’t have the same cost or number of boxes. Biwiring on the other hand, I would say was pointless.

Thinking further about it, I don’t know if it is even possible to bi-amp in this case. First, because many speakers of this type only have one pair of sockets and second, even if it would be possible to connect two amps, the outputs of the amps would drive each other. I don’t know if this is a healthy configuration.

If it it is the Audio Physic 5 with a single pair of terminals on the back of the speaker as illustrated on the manufacturer’s website you most definitely can’t! At least, not unless you open the speakers up and rewire internally to a new rear connector panel with separate inputs for bass and treble (still with the passive crossover components in circuit). Passive bias ping (with its dubious worth) requires appropriate speaker connections, as with bi-wurabld speakers.

My Avanti 5 are upgraded with biwire terminals from Audio Physic

Ofcourse…at that Reason my question

Ok, so you can passivelt bi-amp - just seems that the benefit may not be great1

Yes, and The recommondation seems NOT to be
Good in that matter

Thanks for answering to all of You

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