Bid on NAC 282 when drunk (my birthday..) - will this pair well with a NAP 200 non DR Thanks

Really if it was a good price, (and we don’t know what you presently own), assuming it’s an ‘upgrade’ you should enjoy it a lot.

Congratulations and happy birthday! I never thought of that excuse to get a new black box home… :slight_smile:


I know who to blame now!


Mr M - that’s the boy! Delicious but it’s a slippery slope…

My current set up is a Uniti Atom/NAP 200/LS 50’s - it’s a great discreet/compact system which (all importantly) is wife friendly.

The plan is to use the Atom solely as a streamer when the 282 is added, then save up for a 2nd hand ND5 XS2 and then add Caps, better cables etc…love the LS50’s but clearly as the upgrade path goes further, these will need replacing - Focal Sopra’s, Serblin Accordo’s etc - have to be standmounts. If anyone has any ideas I’d be interested to hear!

I “rediscovered” my bottle by accident whilst cleaning and tidying, it’s been a worthy companion for late night music sessions, I’ve yet to combine it with bidding on auctions, but I’m tempted now…

I’ve pretty much replaced most of my office system recently and it got me pondering speakers again. I find speakers difficult to audition and quantify and they can be awkwards to home demo based on size and weight if nothing else.

I did have a bit of time with some Kanta 1’s recently and thought they balanced well with a like for like system to the one I now have. I’ve been with my trusty floorstanding PMC’s for a good while now and through many system changes but they may move on at some point this year.

Keen to hear where you get your Atom to, I’m pondering getting one for the kitchen but it’s a large space to fill so need to choose speakers accordingly.

@marksnaim, is that why you arrived at an active system? @dasgoose, be careful… :rofl: :wink:

:sweat_smile: That might have something to do with it.

The finest Malt I’ve ever tasted!!! And it’s made a good decision for you - the 282 will be light years ahead as a pre amp and will take a multitude of upgrades before you ever consider it to be the weak link

You will two volume controls to deal with if using the Atom to feed the 282 as a streamer it does not have a dedicated line out only a pre so your feeding a pre to a pre.

So I’m sure you will all be disappointed to learn that I did not win the auction for the 282, - however, my sober self knows that this is probably for the best (boring sod that he is!)

That being said, I’d be interested to know what people’s next upgrade step would be given my current set up (Atom/200/KEF LS50/Chord Epic speakers cables) - speakers would have to be of a similar size, but would adding a power supply or upgrading cables give any boost to the system?

Ta in advance!

Sell the atom and nap200 and go for a nova or nd5xs2, Nait xs2…

2nd hand ND5 and NAC 202. DON’T sell the 200 it’s such a good amp it will work brilliantly in a number of Naim configurations.



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Neither the Atom nor 200 can use a separate power supply. If I were you I would focus on a source and preamp upgrade, and worry about cables later. Be patient, sooner or later you’ll find another 282. If buying used, make sure the NAPSC is included, as it won’t work without one. You could then look at changing the Atom for an ND5XS2, which should be more or less cost neutral, or save for an NDX2.

I was going to say, Sell off the atom and 200 and get a Nova.

The 282 is a fantastic pre-amp and can take you on quite a journey - it’ll work nicely on the single 24v rail from the 200, wake up with 2 rails from a HiCap, and sing with 4 rails from a SuperCap. A 300 at this point will provide many more years of enjoyment. Next step is a 552.

A 282/200 (pre-DR) combination has served me very well over the years (15 as I found out when I had the 282 serviced some months ago). Next time you have a drink see if you can put a bid in for a Hi-Cap as I found that made a big upgrade. I intend to upgrade my Hi-Cap to DR spec when we’re back up and running.

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