Big Problem with Naim Uniti Core

My normally reliable Naim Uniti Core won’t turn on to rip my CDs. Normally, I have only to insert a CD and the Uniti Core turns itself on and sucks in the CD that is waiting in its slot. No longer. Putting a disk in does not turn it on and depressing the on/off button does not power it on either. If I depress the on/off button it briefly lights up, but just as quickly turns off. Fortunately, it responds quickly and reliably to a request to stream music, but I can’t seem to get it to rip my albums. Any ideas?

Try physically unplugging it for a few minutes, then put the plug back in and power it up. Good luck.

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I have something like this regularly. To be honest, I’m rarely able to wake up the Core with the power button. Can you try connecting to the Core with your Naim app (which will usually wake it up), and see if this works?

I would do as Mike suggests. An unplug - wait a few minutes - then replug.

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That’s the first course of action with any computer giving problems! (All music stores and streamers are or contain computers, regardless of external appearance, albeit with varying degrees of refinement, and sometimes can crash or something become corrupt.)

I get this quite often too. I wake the Core with the app and when eventually I get fed up doing that, or also in one case where that didn’t help, I have found that a power off, wait, and then connect the power again, does get it all working again.

Yay! Suggestion to pull the plug and wait for awhile did the trick. I should have learned by now that if something goes wrong, it’s best to do a “pull the plug” routine before calling for help.

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Good good. I hope all is well with you in Vancouver?



I’d much like to respond that “all is well” but the yin and yang of life has been knocking me about lately with an emphasis on the dark side as I am very recently widowed, an experience I don’t wish on my worst enemy. OTOH, music helps. A lot! I am thankfully and almost obsessively enjoying my musical journey enormously, now happily dwelling almost entirely in the Roon ecosystem. I am loving the way it exposes me to new music via Roon Radio along with additions from Qobuz and Tidal. I mostly use the Uniti Core just for ripping now, but when Roon gives me a bad time, which it does occasionally, it makes a great backup.

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Deepest regrets, do take good care of yourself.

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Sorry to hear of your loss, take care❤️

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Wishing you all the very best, and as others say do look after yourself. So sorry to hear your news.

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Hello Janet

I was so sorry to read your post. There are no words….

It’s good you have music to help you work your way into whatever comes next in your life. And if you have problems with your Core, we are all here ready to help you sort it out.

Very best regards and look after yourself



Thank you all so much! I am truly grateful for the kind words of sympathy from so many. It really helps. As does my music. I meant it when I said how much music cheers me. It really is good medicine although I’m in great danger of getting caught up in the audiophile disease - upgraditis - and I don’t know what the medicine might be for that (haha). Now I wonder if there is such a word as upgraditis. I’ve even made a couple of helpful new audio friends, one of whom just taught me how to change tubes in my tube amp so I don’t have to be a helpless female anymore.


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