Biggest bang for the buck

System 272/250dr, what would you consider biggest bang for the money, XPS dr or none dr, or full fat fraim?


XPS DR on my 272 was quite possibly my most jaw dropping Naim upgrade moment, and I’ve had a few. And that was with everything located on a chest of drawers.

We had a 272/250DR on an Argos 3 shelf TV cabinet and an XPSDR was a significant uplift. Transformed the 272.

You could go 282 used with a streamer too.

Bypass the 272 DAC. When I had a 272 this gave a better result than adding a 555PS. Usual DAC suggestions apply, but keep an open mind and you may find a good one for not much money. You’d need a server/ transport to drive it of course.

From my experience with the 272: XPS DR +1

Consensus seems to be XPS then.

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Is the 727 one of the boxes that won’t work with an XPS and needs an XPS2 or is that just some of the stand alone streamers? In any case my vote would be a non DR 555ps over an XPS2DR, though this is based on a demo powering a CDX2.

A 727 won’t be out until the 4 quarter of 2035

Sorry Yeti I could not resist!!!

Then I’ll leave the post un edited just for you.


Have to agree with a few comments above I added a XPS DR to my 272 and it was like it had suddenly grown up. Imo highly recommended.

I have a XPS2 non DR which I use on the CDS3. when my CDS3 was out of action my preference was that the 272/250DR on its own is better.

I can’t comment on the XPS DR but if the choice was between a non DR XPS and full fat Fraim then I would go for the Fraim.

XPSDR for sure.

Sorry I have both and the XPS DR is definitely best choice.

I would imagine that the DR would probably be the best choice.

My comparison is on the Fraim vs non DR XPS, In addition I found the power line a good upgrade on the 272.

Best wishes.

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If you can find a reasonably priced non-DR 555PS I’d be very tempted :wink:

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