Bill Laurance Trio?

Anyone reccomend them, looking at the disc below but not heard of before - apologies for ignorance?

Im a big Jazz fan of Les McCann, Oscar Peterson, Miles Davis and some recent stuff like Tim Richards Trio, Blue Nile etc, would like to broaden horizon somewhat


@NFG Bill is one of the keyboard players who regularly plays with Snarky Puppy, where in my view he has performed his best work. Live at Ronnie Scott’s is good, but personally, I prefer his SP collaborations and his solo releases - Live At Union Chapel, and Aftersun.

Just an observation - Bill gets into ‘a groove’ sometimes (and good grooves they are) but I feel he can stay there too long rather than solo a bit more. However he is certainly worth exploring further if you are looking for something different, as his output is quite dissimilar to the artists you mention.

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Hello GeoffC

Many thanks for the reply, I might give it a spin. If I go into a record shop with our son, it’s “After another copy of kind of Blue, Dad?”

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@NFG I prefer Bill’s solo work to his Snarky Puppy stuff. Live At Ronnie Scott’s is excellent - one of my albums of 2020, in fact! If you like acoustic piano trios, you will love it.


Many thanks, Kevster,

Just ordered ‘We Like it Here’ and the ‘Live at Ronnie Scotts’ Thanks for your reccomends


A bit in the E S T trio way . Not Snarky puppy.
Not bad . ( piano, bass, drums)

@NFG When Snarky Puppy played Bristol a few years ago I was lucky enough to chat with different band members for a while after the gig. One of the things several of them said was ‘We like it here’ and when I asked why they answered ‘because audiences really listen, and don’t constantly chat and make noises’ (well not as many) during their performances.

If you decide to look for more from them, I can highly recommend SN’s ‘Tell Your Friends’ and their latest ‘Immigrance’ released last year.

Thanks again, GeoffC,

The SW, Bristol & Bath have always been a great place for live music venues, I saw Tim Richards Trio in Corsham quite a while ago play to a small, but highly appreciative audience.

We now often go to the Saint Emilion Jazz Festival which has a very similar vibe, live Jazz with some very good wine - whats not to like?

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Thanks FR, E S T trio - I had to google them! :blush:

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@NFG This track is on the Ronnie’s album:

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Thank you again Kevster,

I was somewhat hesitant to create this post, thinking it might get replies like ‘do you live in a cave?’ not quite, but Im a little out of touch to say the least. However, all I can say is that every reply has been informative and very helpfull.

I think Im going to enjoy my discs when they arrive, so thank you all again. :+1:


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