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Two questions
First one
The speaker cable connection on the back of my naim 90 olive has lifted. And I got a few crackle and pops from the left speaker and turned it off bloody sharpish. I would like to get some proper binding posts fitted to the back of the amp. Plus I need two sets of rubber feet that look like they have melted on the pre-amp and the power amp. The feet on the CD3.5 are still ok as are the feet on the flat cap :roll_eyes: I think it’s just down to age and the material that was used :thinking: The CD3 skips and won’t always plays disks I’m thinking that could just be simple fix for somebody that knows what their doing. ??
I’m thinking about adding another 200 power amp and going for a passive bi-amp. Until I can afford a 242 Snaxo.
Or I could go for a 250 and sell the 200 or keep the 200 and run the 250 to the Hf & the MR and leave the 200 driving the LF :thinking: options was thinking another 200 could be good value for the money. What do people think. I’m issuing a NDX BT connected to a 282, two Hi-caps and one 200 connected to a pair of Kudos 606

Few typos there :joy:

I loved the previous response which suggested that they found my comments perverse regarding my criticism of naims stiff cable. I ended up getting some Chord Sarum. To be completely honest
I did think about being brutal with bending of it and the perverse suggestion from one reader made me laugh :joy: I really wasn’t trying to be disrespectful I just found the stuff awkward to use with limited space behind my amps and the back wall.

Don’t try changing to binding posts. Naim use 4mm banana sockets for good reason and on the NAP90 they are soldered onto the board. It does mean that you need to use the Naim SA8 speaker connectors (included with the amp when new) to prevent stiffer cabling such as NACA5 from damaging the sockets and causing a broken solder joint. So just get the sockets re-soldered. You’ll probably find it’s something your dealer can do relatively easily.

Again, your dealer can supply replacement adhesive feet.


I would start by selling the 90 and the 200 and buying a 250. That will drive your 606 well enough for now. Then I would consider a source upgrade. If you are intending to keep the NDX long term, put an XPS on it or maybe an NDAC. This will pay big dividends when you finally go active.
Then get another 250, and finally a SNAXO.

Thank you :+1:

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