Birthday Musical Honours

Joan Armatrading, CBE no less…

As is one time member of this parish, Brian Cox.

Jeff Lynne OBE and Dylan Mills(!) an MBE.

I see Lorraine Kelly gets an award too, perhaps for successful tax evasion?

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I’m surprised you’re concentrating on Lorraine, Jamie, when the new owners of Asda have built a business empire fuelled by billions of pounds of debt, low tax bills and links to a string of global tax havens including Jersey and the Cayman Islands.
Just saying…

Oh I don’t disagree.

I just get peeved by squeaky clean, wholesome Lorraine taking a pop at other public figures who fall short of her standards, when she ‘gets away’ with not paying a seven figure income tax sum because apparently she is not herself when on TV.

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Tommy Steele


It’s all a con, really!

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