Is it just me or are there more biting insects this year? I’m in deepest, darkest Sussex, well Hove actually.

Haven’t noticed them in Brighton, yet!

Must be a Hove thing :grinning:

Maybe for once Hove is setting the trend rather than following Brighton :wink:


Is it the Suarez or Tyson variant?

No, just the buzzing winged variety

A friend of our’s who lives near Horsham was bitten on her hand by an insect recently. She spent two days in hospital having antibiotics infused intravenously and they had to cut her wedding ring off “to save the finger” as they put it.

That’s awful, I never used to get bites in the uk but now that seems to have changed, perhaps it’s an age thing?

Yes, it’s all downhill now😀

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Are they Hover flies then?


Talking about Hove, a friend of us studied in Brighton and we visited her - now 13 years ago since our eldest kid was 3 months or so.

We stayed in a B&B at the seaside in Hove. Baby woke up early, but proper English breakfast was scheduled for 7:30 (can’t remember precisely, but we were waiting for ages).

Since we were so hungry, the breakfast was gorgeous and we appreciate English breakfast since then.

The owner was a fan of Dudley Moore - another detail I remember.

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Don’t know but they itch like mad"……

Seagulls, perhaps?

On a related note, holiday in Provence during the last FIFA World Cup. Got bitten to hell and back at the first gite. Moved to second gite, No bites but swollen legs with running sores. Spent the whole week with ice packs on legs, watching the footie. After one of the France games, I slipped on the water dripped from the ice pack, gave myself an impressive black eye, and smashed the empty wine glass that I was carrying (I must confess that a significant amount of Cotes du Rhône had been involved during the game).

The bites took weeks to finally disappear.

Are you near the beach (shingle) at all. They could be biting midges otherwise known as sand flies. They seem to be particularly in warm wet weather at this time of year.

Are you pregnant ?
Experts have noticed those who are can be more attractive to midges.
Something to do with the odours/pheromones given off that attracts them.

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Stones throw from hove lagoon, though I’m blaming the missus bird baths

Best not sit in them, then. :grinning:

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Well I’ve emptied them now so I’m not in the best books at the moment


I envy you though, I like Hove actually, and Brighton. It will be good to see it opening up again as the summer comes on.

Unfortunately not otherwise I could sell my story to the Daily mail😂

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