Bizarre NAIM app/Qobuz shocker

All my “Favourites” have disappeared!!!

What the actual?

Qobuz seem to have a major outtake. I have issues here as well through Roon + Qobuz.

Working fine for me.

I had yesterday evening issues. It seems to be sorted for me now.

I’ve been having isues with Qobuz - favourites, playlists etc not showing up. Tracks stopping. odd pauses. Not resolves as of this morning…

Working with SBT/Squeezer no problems.

not using qobuz myself anymore but they tweeted yesterday about having issues which they were working on

Yes, Qobuz was having issues, on my roon songs were skipping sporadically and authentication was failing intermittently. Whatever it was it’s been fixed.

I’m new to Qobuz and g
have been impressed but the last week there have been a number of issues namely, tracks stopping half way through and sometimes getting a message “Error, try again”. It will then skip through a whole album! There’s something amiss. Are they attempting a software upgrade to their system and it’s going pear shaped?

I guess I have just been lucky because I have not had any issues with Qobuz.

I have been using it since it was introduced in the USA. For the past two years I have bought the pre-paid annual subscription. This year was $129.99 or $10.8325 per month. A great price for hi-res & CD quality music with a catalogue that suits my needs.

Edit: I use the Naim App to make my Qobuz music selections on my iPad and iPhone.

No issues with Qobuz here. I’m using Roon rather then the Naim App.

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