Bizarre NDX2 behaviour. Any ideas?

Many thanks to those who have chipped in, much appreciated.

MrStreamer - I had exactly the same thought as you. The track titles do indeed contain some unusual characters, this is the only difference I can think of.

Below a couple of screenshots, the first being from the app streaming to MuSo, the second being from the app streaming to NDX2.

Mu So sees the last track length as 10.17

But the NDX2 sees the same track length as 00.00

David H - pls could you add this info in the ndx2 beta log ? I could also drop off the offending CD if that would help? You can always delete it afterwards !!

Regards, Paul

Addendum - have just rebooted the router, Core and the NDX2, but the same issue persists.

I won’t spend any more time on the issue, it’s not the end of the world if I can’t play one Coldplay album, and the consensus of the forum seems to be that it may actually be a blessing in disguise !

Thanks all

Paul I see the 3.8 firmware release for NDX2 etc has just gone public. You could install that and see whether it helps (it probably won’t but then we don’t know what the issue is yet!).

By all means drop the CD over here if you are coming this way. I’m going to be away from first thing tomorrow until Midday Monday, although my wife should be here.

I wondered whether if you played the CD back on a muso and then multiroomed it to the NDX2, does it work on the NDX2 now? Maybe you already answered that question!

I have drawn the thread to the attention of the Naim people and so they should pick up anything anyone says which actually changes anything. There isn’t a beta log as such that I have access to.



Hi David
Many thanks, I may be able to drop it over next week, but will make contact beforehand.

Re: your question, yes I tried streaming the CD from the Core to the MuSo and then multi-room to the NDX2, this works fine. I’m sure this must tell the NAIM engineers quite a lot.

Can also stream the album from Tidal to the NDX2 without any issues.

Also updated NDX2 firmware to 3.8, but no change in behaviour.

Best, Paul

@tomvamos fyi

Just ripped the Coldplay CD yesterday and have exactly the same issue. Will play on Qb but not on Atom etc. I think it’s prob to do with the odd track names but can’t prove one way or other. Glad I found this thread though - saves me from deleting and re-ripping for the fourth time…

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What happens if you edit the track names to something with letters?

Just discovered on Xmas morning that not only does the Coldplay album not play, it also causes the ndx2 to freeze. Unresponsive to both the remote control and also the NAIM app on iPhone.

Reboot required, so not good and hope NAIM can sort it out.

Or perhaps the CD isn’t actually a redbook CD and Coldplay’s record label can sort it out…

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Perhaps a call to Naim in the new year……when i had cd issues with my Core i sent to HQ and Flynn did some experimenting to find the problem, and kindly ripped a cdr.

Hopefully @davidhendon can report this odd behaviour via the beta test group ?

If so I’ll resist calling NAIM support - I doubt whether they could fix it, and it would just tie up valuable resources on their side, for what is a relatively minor problem encountered with only 1 CD.

Hi Paul there’s no one there to read anything or suggest anything until the NY anyway! I’ll feed it into the beta group next year, so to speak!

Many thanks David. It’s more of a curiosity as far as I’m concerned - but it may mean that there are still some vulnerabilities in the ndx2 firmware, so good that NAIM are aware.

Best, Paul

Hi @PBenny

Thanks for the report. We’ve brought the CD and will investigate the issue in the new year.

That metadata though is asking for trouble, so that is first area to check.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi @PBenny

The CD turned up - this seems to be all based on the metadata which has multi-byte utf8 characters, which is stirring up issues in the Core. It’s pretty crazy stuff to do in metadata as asking for problems. We’ll get it investigated fully in the new year.

The easiest way to make it play is edit the metadata on the Core and get rid of the ‘wingdings’. Here’s mine:

Best wishes



Aha! Thought so. As I queried a few posts back!

Hi @Stevesky
Many thanks, indeed @davidhendon suggested this work around, but in the excitement of Xmas I didn’t follow it up !

Will give it a try and report back.

Still a bit baffling to me however that the original MuSos can play it, it also plays on the Core.

No need to respond, just curious.

Happy new year !

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Hi Paul,

The original Muso gen1 can cope with tracks with no name (track 1 of this CD in its current ripped form) & malformed UTF8. The new platform products reject it as invalid play queue entries.

Best regards


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I finally got around to re-ripping on dbpoweramp and using non wingding track names. Works fine. Couldn’t seem to edit the track names on their own. Now just waiting for Naim to refund the £29 spent on dbpoweramp…LOL…

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