Black Ash fraim

Hi to all naim owners. I recently purchased a used naim fraim in black ash would would appreciate any advice regarding touching up areas where the black is scratched, thanks

I managed to scratch my fraim in cherry. I used a crayon. Not an exact match but looks better than with the scratch not touched up. With black crayons, I would imagine it would be a better match. The good thing with crayon it’s easy to wipe away and try a different colour type.

Try a black marker pen, maybe…?

If it’s just a few tiny rubs or scratches then a fine point Staedtler lumocolor permanent pen can be just the thing.

A tip with marker pens is after 10 seconds or so just gently wipe over with a slightly damp cloth as this will often remove the slightly purplish tint that can sometimes be seen in certain lights.


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