Black Burndy Wellness - finally got a chance to do so - further Recommendations?

Done - but gave me a really strange feeling.
Have seen a lot of used snaic without the collars. Is it only recommended here with 52 as the snaic did not carry a signal?

I have the DIN collars loose on the 52 and SC. It’s loads better. :slightly_smiling_face:

My SNAIC hangs parallel with the Burndy but does have a bit of a gap. The only way to get it closer is to push it and lock the collars and this does bad things for the SQ.
The music flows along better with collars unlocked and free.


Unlocked again … lol

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Just thinking if I should get even more fixed … getting the shrinking rubber further back.
But … one must know, when to stop… next could be worse :slight_smile:

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That might trigger the forum censorship hopefully :roll_eyes:

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I just had the thought in the moment, when I wrote the rub…
I can assure that it is all connected to the naim Burndy !

Whatever you do, be very careful here. Dialling back the strain relief screw very slightly can sometimes help, BUT, If you undo the strain relief too far the cable will be loose and possibly fall out of the plug assembly and performance will be poor. The only solution is expensive repair back at Naim.


I do not understand all you mentioned - sorry :frowning:

When the cable arrived one plug was loose. The “shrinking ru…” or what it is called (this must be the strain relief, correct) had no contact with the tightening mechanism - screws. The plug was like “shaking”.
I just thought that must be bad, as any there is any tension the cable constantly pulls within the plug.
So I carefully pulled the rubber covering the cable end it a bit back (you can see a mark in the picture, where it sat before), so that the “screw mechanism” has rubber contact again - now it has rubber contact in 90% of the gap (gap, when the screws are pulled out).

What do you mean by too far?
The “rubber” slipping from the cable? This has not happened.

Thanks for any help here - I am a little bewildered at the moment :frowning:

Have I done the right thing?

I am a little unsure, how much tightening is fine for the screws - too loose might result in the rubber coming out again.

THANKS a lot for your answer, Richard!

If in doubt, just leave well alone and take it up with your dealer. Of course, if you’ve already fiddled then best come clean, because as soon as you do then it’s only fair any issues are on you…

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Cable is second hand (I had no chance to buy a new one as they are not available here). And there is no dealer her in germany who can fix burndys.
Can you please explain your recent post - please.
I do not understand what is meant be the plug falling out of assembly.

Can you confirm, that it looks OK on the photo?

Based on your picture all looks fine. Just play music and enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks - NEED a bit sedation here. Being bewildered at once is one of my main damages since this pandemic stuff.
THANKS for any tranquilization you can give :slight_smile:

It looks OK to me but I’m not expert here as I don’t build the cables. If you’re worried then get it checked properly.

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Here is one old spare cable - which I do not have in use. Never had.
This looks not so fine as it had become loose.
To be honest - used a similar cable for years a dealer told me that all is fine and it cannot be fixed. :slight_smile:

The black one is much better. No torsion, or tension inside - the “strain relief rubber” is in correct position. When I re-tightened the screws I was totally careful, the the plug stays in the position where the inner cables are relaxed (no torsion, no pressure, no tension)
When tightened it has a bit play - but not too much as this might pull on the strain.

One of my dearest dealer always tells me in such situations … “do not think or doubt or ever try to update at any cost - listen to the music”

PS: for feeling better, I un-tightened the Strain relief screws a slight bit, so there is neither too much nor to loose fixing at the end of the cable.

By the way … when I had a superline with new Burndy, both sides of the burndy had been very firm and sat tight.
At the day I thought that this is fine - but totally understand that there should be some movement, but not along the cable direction (“pulling the cable”).
Maybe the burndys are getting better over time, when there is a dent in the sheath allowing some free movement. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all I learned a lot again - except being more calm :slight_smile:

after yesterdays taking, would like to give (something back)

After some hours of music, I would say that there is definitely a difference between grey and black Burndy.
The black one is sounding:

  • more open and 3 dimensional → more room
  • more air between instruments (better overview)
  • more direct (“music jumping on your hip” :))
  • less smooth but more punchy (like it)
  • more bass punch (possible pure imagination, but like it)

And it is also more critical with bad recordings. Good is very much better - bad is de-masked… naim effect :slight_smile:

Had not done A to B as I do want to leave the black one as it is now.
Only gut feeling :slight_smile:

Cable sits fine as it is - had done a mark so that I can see, if there is any movement of the strain relief coming out. Neither think, nor hope so.
The inside should also be fine, as the plug had been a good bit more twisty when I received it, but had not been fallen off in total.

ALL is fine … as it should!