Black Friday - can you be bothered?

Had to get a temporary one a few years ago, and bought a cheap Beko one from Currys - noisier but almost as good as an old Miele one we had which probably cost 4x as much.

You may not be considering the more expensive heat pump versions, but if you are I think drying times can be considerably longer despite lower energy usage, so something to be aware of.

£100 of the S1 this year I hear.

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Come to think of it, I’ve got a few of those “will get used…eventually” things tucked away so ignore me and buy, buy, buy!!! :wink:

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Nope, its all a big con


Tidal offers 3,99 euros subscription for 3 months for the Black Friday. I received the mail.

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Tidal are offering 4 months for £1:99 in case anyone is interested


Thanks - saw that in another thread.

I think there was a Naim/Tidal offer some time ago - 90 days maybe? I never tried it, but this seems worth a shot.

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Oddly, considering my previous posr, while searching for things to buy as Xmas presents, for two things the cheapest dropped in price (5%/10%) between Friday and yesterday. And last night I was looking at a website that had about tge same prices as I had seen a back in tge summer, now advertising 10% off on Friday - whilst tempting, as it is an expensive thing (a carbon fibre cello for my son), it is quite a bit more than I want to pay.

Heard on the radio this morning that Which looked at prices and only 1 in 20 offers are actually cheaper ! There’s a beeb article too.

I think the key thing is to have a product you may want and know the general price for in preceding months- then you will instinctively know if it’s a very good deal or not - otherwise for things you are not keeping an eye on it may be little better (or worse) than ‘standard’ pricing vs RRP.

No. I cannot be bothered.

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If Naim do 20% discount I might be bothered …

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Good Evening All,

Having spent a small fortune in the last 3 months I believe my system is pretty much where I want it to be so won’t be tempted short term. I don’t think an Ekos SE, Kandid or 6off NAP135’s will be being offered at ridiculous prices somehow…



Many would argue their prices are already ridiculous :rofl:

Hope you’re enjoying them.

Just signed up. Great deal so thanks for the heads up.

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Good to hear. Enjoy :blush:

25% of Focal in New Zealand people!

:small_blue_diamond:In Sweden,.it is no Black Friday anymore.

Many major,.advertises instead about Black Week.
I don’t care…


Well - they had great deals on the Muso Qb (maybe others as well) last year so who knows…

The newer, faster, larger memory SD cards are usually a bit cheaper so I tend to buy a few of them each year

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