Black or olive XPS on NDS?

Currently owner of an nDac / XPS olive with a Bluesound Vault 2, I have in mind to upgrade to an NDS. At first use the dac part with the BS, because the dac is superior to the nDac one (yet they are the same conversion chips) then stream the whole thing and resell the BS…

Why not ? Because I am very attached to the BS application, very user friendly for the non geek and especially because it integrates Qobuz in native, what the NDS does not make, and that makes the nds2.

My question is about the power supply.
Can I keep my current XPS to power the NDS or should I change it for the same one in black ?
I think it’s possible. Especially since if I can already power the nDac like that (because it accepts both) I don’t see why the NDS won’t! The pinout is the same, unless…

However, in the NDS manual it is not possible to do it with XPS whose serial number is lower than 188xxx. My case…

What are the differences between these 2 power supplies? For me they are identical except the transformer is more important on the black one.

If someone can enlighten me on this subject.


Olive XPSs cannot be used to power streamers which may make your decision easier. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You know, if the manual says that an XPS with serial below 188xxx does not work with the NDS, I think you can rest assured that an XPS with serial below 188xxx does not work with the NDS. They may look the same apart from the olive vs. black casing but be slightly different on the inside. A little bit of info here:

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