Black Sabbath 1st LP which pressing?

Hi All,
I am looking to get hold of a decent release of Sabbaths 1st album pre digital ie All Analogue. Over on Discogs an original 1st press on Vertigo are asking eye watering prices.
Can I invite recommendations from learned friends here as to other worthy reissue/repressings that sound great but more wallet friendly?

Not an informed view as I’ve not heard the particular pressing, but the later Vertigo ‘spaceship’ label is said to be good. Cheaper too.

I have not heard the later reissues.

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The original Vertigo Swirl copies are by far the better quality sounding recordings
I have owned the NEMS re-pressing, not as good as the Swirl
The swirl copies are expensive due to the fact they are rare and becoming collectable.
The best way to find them is record fairs and second hand record shops. You can pick up some real bargains if you put in the leg work
I have a second issue Swirl copy, see photo

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Looks like a nice copy. I used to have it but somehow went missing from my collection.
On Discogs, Ist press up to £400 in VG+, £145 2nd press VG+

I use the Record Collector Price Guide 2020 book to evaluate second hand prices
A mint condition copy 1st pressing of this album is £400 according to the guide, a very good copy should be about £200.
Discog sellers can ask what they want, doesn’t mean they are correctly priced. You will find the overpriced copies don’t sell
Good luck finding a copy

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Any used record dealer can ask what they like, of course that doesnt mean it will sell for that.
The above figures I quote are from Discogs statistics of actual completed sales not sellers asking price. It’s a similar figure to the Record Collector guide.
1st Pressing…


Fools and their money…!

I think a first press copy on Ebay went for £700 just recently.

Blimey. That’s like the ‘Holy Grail’ RL-cut Led Zep II prices in the States… :dizzy_face:

How do you know what pressing you have?

@Mike_S Very first UK pressing has “A Philips Record Product” under Vertigo and the year on the top right hand side.


Seems I lucked out. I have the Vertigo logo but not the wording and date. Mine looks like a New Zealand release.

Discogs lists the different variations, re issues, repressing etc with notes on how to identify them including matrix numbers etc. Although I have found that occasionally there are errors in the information.

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Another point to consider, from an audiophile perspective, is that “foreign” pressings are more likely to have been mastered from 2nd/3rd generation copy masters.


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According to Discogs information the 1970 NZ issue was pressed from early UK stampers. Latest sales statistics show a range of £38 to £90.

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