Black Soft Vinyl Dust Cover for Naim Audio Boxes - Why?

Just seen this on the auction site, and my first thought is why would anybody even buy it. It’s made of cheap material (vinyl), and bearing in mind Naim owners normally leave their system plugged in, I cannot understand what use it would ever have, and who would pay £101 for it? Is it just me?

No, it’s not just you …


It’s because one in a thousand people who look at the ad think they are getting the actual Naim unit and buy it. There is apparently a nice living to be made out of people who don’t look carefully at what they are buying on eBay.



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It may appeal to those odd people who put bags over their speakers. We have a Qb on the kitchen worktop and it’s always getting covered in food splashes. At least with a red grille it doesn’t show the tomato pasta sauces too badly. A vinyl dust cover may be just the thing. Or maybe not.

You could be right, but I would think it would be a fire hazard if you leave the power on all the time.

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