Bloody Naim!

Having owned an Audio Physic centre for about seven years I have just bought a new one.

The AP worked well with both my Living Voice and Focal speakers, surprisingly. But having moved to SBLs and had them refettled I was watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly the other night and …actors used the full screen width, and the voices moved with them. Oh dear. The pitch and tonality was sooooo different.

Just bought a Naim Axess, sigh.

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And a mighty fine centre channel speaker it is, the Naim Axess. Only eclipsed by the Axent, which was awesome. Both speakers cruelly under appreciated… enjoy your Axess!


I feel like I am being dragged back in kicking and screaming.

The only, very slight, comfort is that the SBLs are spectacularly good in my room being driven by a Townshend Allegri and CB250.

I’ll just have to grudgingly spend a few sheckles and put up with some spectacular music …what a price to pay!


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Well, that’s better.

It is not ONLY the tonality. I opened with ‘that’ scene from ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’, check. Went on to ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’, the musical detailing is much clearer, not only in terms of the top end but also with the drums and brass.

Just listening to frogs over balancing around Scrooge’s office, very good.

Powering it, and my rears, with a Nord One Up NC500.


Big jump over an nCent, Richard?

Oh yes…


Maybe I should keep an eye out :nerd_face:

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I agree with Richard regarding the Axent - marvellous - as rare as hen’s teeth though.

I have been keeping my eyes open for an Axent …but, the Axess is excellent.


Naim have no more of the Axess tweeters inb stock. Is it the same unit as the SL2/NBL/DBL?



Listening to the Axess on my setup I suspect that much of the improved clarity comes from eliminating the ports on the front of the Audio Physic; plus I suspect the phase coherance of the mid/bass units wave guides is a big factor.

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IIRC, yes it is, although I don’t know how selection differs from the others.

It sure is Tim. I went from the n-Cent to the Axess and it’s clear upgrade. Mine’s driven by a NAP V145 which was another jump from the NAP V 175 that did the rear n-Subs which are now powered by a NAP 200.

The 145 & Axess is a great combo but hard to come by.

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If selection is about pairing then would it matter as the Axess only uses a single tweeter?

Selection is about measuring the drivers on special Naim-designed jigs and choosing the drivers whose response falls within Naim’s defined parameters for a particular speaker model.

Pairing (if necessary), then comes next and it’s about getting as closely matched pairs as possible.

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I wonder what percentage of tweeters made it through and what about the rejected items?
Where they binned?

When Naim still had their speaker department you would sometimes pass a special room which contained the finished selected and matched drivers. Outside the room there would also be tray upon tray of tweeters that didn’t make the cut. I’m afraid I don’t know whether they were scrapped or sold on, or what the overall percentage was of rejects. Of course, they had only failed Naim’s own selection criteria. Unless found to be obviously faulty, they were otherwise fine and I would assume they had already passed Scanspeaks own QA and selection so would doubtless be fine used on other speakers, depending upon whether the maker undertook their own selection or matching process.

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Until a few days ago I had been feeding my 250 with a Townshend Allegri, The Axess was MUCH closer tonally when fed by the Oppo 105D & Nord One Up NC500. Three days ago I decided to plug my EAR868pl back into circuit. SURPRISINGLY through the 250 I prefer the 868 to the Allegri, and as an added bonus the matching betweenne the SBLs and Axess is now seemless.

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