Blown Capacitor: NAP250

Recently I powered on NAP250, but there is very little sound from speakers. I opened NAP250 and found that one of gold colored capacitor (Exxelia Promisic CO31, 47uF, 40V) was blown off. I contacted local repair shop. They say I need to replace 4 capacitors, but they don’t have exact one from Exxelia.
If I replace with different brands(They recommend Vishay), will it affect the sound? Is there any place I can get the same Exxelia capacitors in UK?

Please note forum rules here - no DIY discussion or discussion of unapproved work on electronics. You should contact your local Naim dealer or an approved servicer such as Class A to have your NAP250 properly serviced using approved Naim parts. This will have your NAP250 back to performing as good as new.


Don’t mess about. Have your dealer send it back to Naim HQ, for a proper service. All the capacitors will be replaced as a matter of routine, and your NAP250 will come back at least as good as new.

I have no idea about practicalities - price, turnaround time, or whatever - but the service will see your amp on its way for a good ten years.

(Apologies, I was typing this as Mr Dane was replying to your post. I’ll leave the post, so that you get the servicing advice in stereo, as it were.)

PS That’s very weird, as the timing on Richard Dane’s post shows that it’s been there for four hours.

I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t there when I typed. Honest, officer!

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Thank you for your reply. I live in South Korea, so I cannot send it to Naim HQ. In South Korea, there is a NAIM importer, current they don’t provide recapping service.

In that case I guess you will have to do the best you can. I would suggest your repairer contacting the Naim distributor and Naim’s service department anyway for guidance here. Naim can only supply parts to their distributor, but the distributor may be willing and able to supply those parts to the repairer.

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Has been known to happen when service agents aren’t available Naim send out specialized parts. I’m not at liberty to say any more though.

I dont think those failed caps get changed at service. The axial caps in my serviced naim kit all look original. Id be intrested to know what caps dont get changed.
Out of mild intrest my nap250 olive is heading off to Salisbury for a service this week…

Those particular capacitors may (or may not) not normally be swapped out on servicing, but you can’t be seriously suggesting that Naim would just ignore them?

They would swap out at service if they will fail or significantly degrade before the next service.
My point was that at service of my nac72s there are a number of axial.caps such as these that dont get changed routinely.

We can agree, I hope, that one of those capacitors has well and truly blown. It may be fair to assume that the other identical capacitor is probably not in much better shape.

So let’s just hope that both capacitors will be replaced, out of an abundance of caution, when the unit is serviced.

How old is the amp and has it been serviced?

Those particular axials do indeed get replaced during a routine service.
The reason why that one has popped is because some plonker has fitted it the wrong way round! :flushed:



Hopefully not a Naim approved plonker.

Keep an eye out for my late Olive 250 with you next week and give it some extra love please!


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