Blown CD3? Does it have an in-line fuse?

My system was very happy last week (CD3, NAP 90, NAC 82, Flatcap2, Rega 1 Plus to Dynaudio 90s; bottom end of the scale for most of you, but I still like it). Then something went wrong with our electric supply with the lights dimming/flashing and then power cuts. Lasted a couple of days until fixed (apparently an issue with the main cable feeding the whole village). Just before it was finally fixed I tried to play the CD3 and nothing. Dead, dead, dead. Not even lights. I’ve done the first-pass check and no issues with the mains plug fuse. I can fortunately still play LPs without any issues. Question:

Is there an in-line fuse inside the CD3? Could it have blown? If so an easy job for me.

Or is this a return-to-Naim for a service job?

thanks for any help you can offer.

Yes, there’s a fuse on the mains inlet. It’s in the round plastic receptacle next to where the mains cable enters the back of the case. You need to replace with the exact same type and rating. It will be a T fuse.


Twice we have had mains faults across a few house in our close and the Electric board will accept responsibility for damage to items.
Last time they paid for the nait xs and flatcap to be checked and serviced £700…
They use a dedicated troubleshooting company who will send an engineer and evaluate. I insisted it went back to naim. All I had to do was drop it back to nearby naim dealer who were paid in full by the trouble shooting company who were very helpful. I think it was SSE in our case who suplly all the local electric suppliers. Such faults happen all the time and so they have a system and outsource it

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Many thanks. It was just that, a blown in-line fuse. Very simple to fix, once I got the right fuse.

This was the one example I can think of, where using Amazon was worthwhile. Normally I avoid them like the plague they are, but finding an odd fuse in the middle of lockdown wouldn’t have occurred without them.


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