Blue Jeans Ethernet cables

Fancy a spot of lemon in your milk, Sir?

Be as superior as you like, but if I like it with milk I like it with milk. We should do what we like rather than what we are told we should like. It’s like cables. Blue Jeans or AudioQuest. Who really gives a bloody toss. Just a few old blokes endlessly discussing things that really don’t matter.


But a biologist like yourself will have to admit that human taste buds evolved because the primates with the most sensitivity to subtleties of taste were more likely to survive and hand on their (blue) genes to the next generations.

I don’t think I knew that. Dobry wieczór!


Your grand father is polish or your wife? I think to remember it’s your grand father. Moje rodzice są Polacy , ale ojciec już nie żyje .
Żyje w Francji od 45 lat. Wyjechaliśmy z Polski jak byłem dziecko.

My father, displaced by WW2. But to my shame I know very little Polish.

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Displaced by WW2 ? What does it mean? Beau-père?

The 2nd World War

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Forceful, but subjective. It matters to them, err, us…

I doubt that the sense of taste was of great significance in the dominance of Homo sapiens over other primates, however I am not a primatologist, nor have I made any study in this field so I bow to anyone who can be definitive. Meanwhile, the sensitivity to subtleties of taste can vary significantly between people, yet in my observation even that has nothing to do with liking or disliking any particular taste. I used to like the taste of sugar in tea with milk: now I don’t like the taste of even just a couple of grains of sugar in tea with milk. And I used not to like tea without milk, now I like it, while also liking tea with milk. As for Earl Grey, I didn’t like it when I first tried it (with milk), but later found I liked it without milk, but only if weak. And I know or have known people with opposite likes and dislikes of taste.

All this talk of tea and milk….quite frankly I am coming to the end of my tether……or am I getting confused with another thread?


Almost elevenses time: maybe time for another single malt instead of tea? (after 2 min silence)

I’m surprised no one has noticed, or at least not posted anything, that this thread is in Hi-Fi Corner & not the Streaming thread, maybe @Richard.Dane will move it, if its OK with everyone & JimDog

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How you know when you’re on a British forum…

When talking about ethernet cables turns into a discussion about tea. :upside_down_face:


The other thread turned in to a storm in a teacup. So we’ve had the weather as well.



:small_blue_diamond:It is soon back,.there were only two who tried to sell products to each other.

Which is strictly forbidden here,.so Richard should just look at,and remove this.


Just compared a BJC cat6 to my Ghent Audio Cat6a (Belkin ‘Catsnake’ 6a with JSSG360 shielding) and no contest, the Ghent is better. Fuller, smoother, airier all of the usual audiophile adjectives. Not by a huge margin, but probably enough for me to get another one for my office system. Of course BJC 6a might be a better comparison, but at this point couldn’t really care. Of course the Ghent was $89 ($79 without a 45 degree connector on one end) so considerably more, but about the same price as an AQ Cinnamon, which both it and the BJC trounce - in MY system.

Does anyone else have real issues with severe sibilance with the AQ vodka? Granted I’m only 3 days in but the ‘ssshhhss’ and ‘Sssssssss’ are really unbearable…

The Ghent uses a CatSnake version of a very similar if not otherwise identical Belden cable to the BJC Cat6a, so I would expect similar or better performance.