Blue Note Photography

Does anyone know where I can buy reproductions buy of the excellent photographs reproduced inside the Tone Poet covers.

This book came out a few years ago. It is compact at 18cm x 18cm approx 300 pages


Most of the Blue Note photographic archive is now owned by Michael Cuscuna, who keeps a very tight hold over reproductions. He is very litigious, and thus I don’t think there are any genuine reproductions for sale. Your best hope is to buy one of the many books available on Blue Note, although these tend to concentrate on the history and cover art.

The best book for you might be The Blue Note Years: Jazz Photography by Francis Wolff though it is now out of print:

Or this (also OOP):


You can still find this one if you look around… In fact a shop I went into about a month ago had it in stock…


That’s impressive, Andy P, to post a reply giving precisely what was asked for, within 10 minutes of the request!


Also Vol 2 available in (Arsenal red) that @Bobthebuilder may like :sunglasses:


I’ve got all the books in this thread except The Blue Note Years :scream::cold_sweat:but some others are trumped with this one.
Treat yourself. :partying_face: :+1:t2:


Until quite recently, high quality prints from the original negatives could be obtained from Michael Cuscuna and co at Mosaic. The rights to reproduction have now been sold to Blue Note, for use in Tone Poets etc.

Just found this large hard back book by Elemental Music there is also two other volumes with photos by William Claxton and Jean Pierre Leloir



I just bought a copy after reading a couple of excellent reviews I found a copy for £27 inc postage.

The two Blue Note photography books put together by Mr Cuscuna are fantastic and highly recommended, reproducing many of their limited prints from negatives. The second book also has colour shots from the Liberty period, some of them quite obscure.

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Received this book today and am very, very happy with it.


If you have a spare $3,000 you can buy one of these limited edition of 15 Francis Wolf prints.

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