Blue Note vinyl Tone Poet series

I know many of you vinyl jazz fans will already be well into a nice collection of these superb reissues, so i’m asking you to look at these albums you have play and enjoy, and come up with your 3 favourites.

Many of these classic jazz albums are familiar to me, and even the many that aren’t so familiar i feel rest assured that musically all these albums have fabulous musicianship and captivating jazzy tunes that is simply there to be explored and enjoyed. So i’m asking you people who have them and enjoy them to categorise them especially to which 3 are best in the sonic quality; after all, these records are more expensive than the norm, so it’s the superior SQ that we be paying for.

I’m looking to buy more but can’t afford all of 'em, just a few more, the best of the best :sunglasses:

So far my one and only solitary Tone Poet LP in my collection arrived here this morning
(so feel free to leave this one off your list)

So come on, please nominate your best three albums for SQ in the Tone Poet series :+1:

Thanks guys!

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Etcetera is a excellent and would definitely make the list. Also Sam Rivers’ Contours.

I’ve still got a bunch to open and listen to though.

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Yes i remember you saying about how good ETC is when you got it a while back, and also confirmed top drawer album by others too.
Cleaned my copy this morning just after the postman handed it me. Will enjoy later : )

Sam Rivers ( Contours ) is not familiar to me but i recognise the expert calibre of the band; Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Joe Chambers. :+1:

Thanks Ricard, duly noted!


Thanks for your input, Jim. Yes those 3 look do look incredibly tempting!

My plan is to invest about ninety quid on 3 of the best sound quality of the bunch.

I respect quality jazz from a musical perspective, and i guess the recent transfers and pressings will of been done with extra care, but this catalogue of albums represents originally recordings over a span of time and in various studio locations, so we should assume the original studio recording qualities will differ to a degree between them.

It’s good to see the prices of this Blue Note series has remained more or less static which buys time to investigate the best of the best.

Would be also interesting to know how many members here have bought Tone Poet vinyls, how many, and which albums… (?)

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Oh yes i’ve had my eye on that Kenny Burrell album ^ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Two ordered so far :slightly_smiling_face:

Both together ^ £51.63 from DVDMAX-UK ( via Amazon uk )

I think their coming in from Poland :poland:
Hope they get here before 31st January!

Just don’t mention the B word :shushing_face:

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