OMG, just heard that ‘Blue’ are soon to be touring again, and Atomic Kitten with them, just when I thought the world had recovered from the “boy band era” anybody going?

(before the question comes in No I will not be going, my allegiance to the likes of the Floyd etc, would be most insulted)

Now that Blue are no longer boys, will they be a ‘man’ band rather than a boy band? Or just band? Or vocalists as none of them appear to play an instrument?

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Maybe they should just be ‘banned’ problem solved!

Yikes, I struggle to think of anything much worse!

Boy band makes mid life comeback, will no doubt make a lot of people happy.

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I probably have to give you that one, although I do enjoy Animals, a bit of the Wall and bits of the Division Bell. Seems like DSOTM and WYWH were the peak of their most artistic output, by this time apparently the ‘ego’ fighting had become a problem, so that might be the reason?

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Aren’t Blue the act that nearly, but not quite, kept Billy Mack’s festering t*rd of a record, ‘Christmas is all around’ off the number 1 spot in 2003? :wink:

That made me laugh, I don’t recall it but I’m going to check it out, lol

Ah, Atomic Kitten.

Someone quite well known said that he wanted to die of a heart attack strapped Atomic Kitten. Can’t remember who that was, but obviously a man of taste and refinement!

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