Bluesound Node 2i + Nac282

Am trying to hook up a bluesound node 2i to my 282, any recommendations on which connection on the 282 to use and also i have a set of rca/rca cables and a Teddy Pardo rca to din cable, which one to use. Thanks in advance, never tried streaming except on my iphone in the car with Spotify. :pray:

All of the inputs on the 282 are the same, other than the powered Aux 2 socket, which you should not use. In theory RCA to Din will be best.

Up and running, used a din-rca cable. Works great. Only one other question, can i position the streamer on top of the 282, will there be any problems ? Thanks so much all who helped out. Tony :canada::uk:

It won’t do any harm, but may well affect sound quality. A separate shelf is really what you need.
The Node has a built in power supply which really should be kept away from the preamp. There’s a reason why Naim build all their separate preamps with power supplies in separate boxes.

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Thanks so much, will move it right away.

I would recommend a DC power interface to replace the onboard power supply unit in the Node 2.
I have one, … improved SQ significantly, even when used with a cheap outboard PSU. Sounds great through my 202 - imagine it could improve things greatly through your 282 - compared to how it is now with the standard onboard supply. I’d say deffo a weakness in the otherwise very good Node 2 & 2i.
Would advise watching Hans Beekhuyzen’s YouTube video. Look for ‘power supply for the Bluesound Node 2 and 2i’ on his site.

It is excellent as it is but add a Qutest and it is outstanding.

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Indeed. Need a good external DAC. Node 2i onboard DAC better than the one in the Node 2, but miles better via the Qutest that I am also now using.

Hi, I’m interested to hear more about the Bluesound power supply upgrade. Is it something you rigged up yourself or is it something that can be bought as a package?

Interfaces can be bought separately (that replace the onboard PSU - very easy to install) … or packages that include an outboard power supply to feed what becomes a 5v DC input socket on the back of the Node 2, where the previous AC input was. The one I use is a Polish one … local creations cost a bit more. Personally, I doubt they are any better, though … the interface itself is straightforward The quality of the DC provision is what counts, of course.

You have to open the Node up and replace boards - potentially a problem unless you are confident undertaking such mod.

I’d put the money towards a better DAC - that’s what I did in the shape of a Qutest, but I did want to split the streaming/DAC functions anyway to give me flexibility going forward on the streaming front.

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I’d refute that. Have you done the procedure yourself ? I have … and it’s a lot more straightforward than, say - installing a phono cartridge on a tonearm. I would actually go as far as saying it’s not that much more difficult than wiring up a mains plug. Clear precise instructions were provided with the interface I bought. Just look on the web for what’s on offer (including installation instructions & photos) - it’s all there to be found.

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As most people have already said, if you want to release the full potential of the Node I’d use an external DAC. I personally use a Naim nDac coupled with a Chord 8switch, linear power supply and a combination of BJC/Catsnake ethernet cables. I find the results both rewarding and quite astonishing for the money. Easily comparable with sources costing several times as much.

Given that Naim themselves have a philosophy where upgrading internal power supplies with a separate unit is a proven route, it does seem reasonable that non-Naim items would benefit from a similar process. Whether a given implementation of this on a specific non-Naim product is a good idea is a different issue…

You need a functioning interface, a decent external low-noise power supply and, for sure, most importantly - a good outboard DAC to get the best out of Bluesound’s Node 2 … as I pointed out earlier .

I have an original NDX going into a Qutest external DAC. Have been thinking about replacing NDX with something like a Bluenode 2i. Has anyone made the comparison of them as transports into an external DAC?

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