Bluesound Node 2i

Can anybody tell me the proper connections for hooking up a Node 2i streamer to my NAC 282. It was a gift from my son as he is not yet into the NDX snack bracket.

Naim 5 pin din to twin co ax.

Any particular connection port on the 282.

I used the tuner input but have also used aux on my 252.

If you happen to have a standard stereo audio cable with RCAs at both ends it will work fine, the 282 has a couple of inputs with RCA sockets.
Naim amps are generally best when used with their DIN inputs, so if you get a 2 x RCA to 5 pin DIN cable that would be ideal. Any spare input will be fine.

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As Chris says, this is probably the simplest way if you have some spare RCA cables already. Donā€™t forget to assign the appropriate RCA sockets to the cd or aux 2 input buttons in place of the DIN sockets if you go the RCA route.