Bluesound Node2i + Supernait 3 vs Uniti Nova

Been with the Nova for about 2 years now and while it’s been mostly great there are several issues with Nova’s software that continue to irk me e.g display freezing.

Has anyone paired a Node2i with a Naim integrated or pre/power and how would this stack up against the Nova?

Yes I search and notice most folks are not using the onboard DAC of the Node2i just the streaming section.

Wondering how it performs as a stand-alone package with a Naim amp.

I run my node2i direct through my Nait xs2.very happy…until I can afford a nd5xs2

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Did you experience any issues with humming?

Hi, initially, yes, a common problem. Its an earthing issue, as the node is not earthed to mains. I made up a little lead from an old USB lead I had. I connected the shield to the earth pin on a mains plug.
Plug it in a spare socket then plug the USB into the USB socket on the rear of the Node.
Must admit, after a while, even with the lead now out, its silent.

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Awesome! Have you had the chance to compare sound quality with Naim one box solutions or dedicated streamers like the ND5XS2?

Hi, no I haven’t but I have no doubt the Naim streamers will outperform the Node2i. The only thing making me drag my heals on moving over to a Naim streamer is the BlueOS app is excellent and I have another Bluesound Pulse speaker in my kitchen!!

I have had a Node 2i For about 2 weeks, connected to my 272 into digital coax and into analogue phono inputs. While the digital input is better than analogue, it is really close and I’d be happy with either.
I bought it to try Amazon HD and have trawled through my favourite albums and added UltraHD versions to my BluOS favourites. With some albums, the hires version through the Node is preferable to the ripped CD through the 272.
Really happy with it particularly since it doesn’t make sense to add a relatively cheap streamer into my system.


This sounds like a strong case for the Naim DAC – second-hand you can get it for £800 to £900, and it’s very likely to outperform the ND5XS2. It’s a no brainer, unless you prefer Chord’s Qutest… :wink: [I am in the Hugo camp…]

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No, I’m doing both - into the DAC in the Naim and into the pre-amp in the Naim. I can toggle between the two inputs on the 272 and make an easy comparison.

As I said, there isn’t too much in it, the digital input being slightly preferable. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

I believe the Node2i On Tidal does full MQA if you connect to your preamp via RCA and only does the first unfold if you use the digital out. Did you manage to make any comparisons on this?

No, I’m afraid I don’t have Tidal. I had a 4 month subscription for £1.99 recently (using the 272, before I got the Node) and didn’t get on with it. I might give it a try at some point but I’m planning to try Qobuz first.

Have you tried the Qutest with a ND5XS2? Thinking about one of these as part of my future upgrade route. That along with the NDX2 but as I don’t need either the screen or remote I started thinking about other options… including just using the streaming side of the ND5 XS2 with an external DAC.

I also done this, resolved the humming / grounding issue with the SN2.

No, I haven’t. I have a Hugo 2 (which shares the same DAC with the Qutest), and use an Allo USBridge Signature as transport. I am very happy with this! Personally, I don’t see the point of paying more than £2K for an ND5 and then only use the transport section. Also, products like Allo, SOTM and Bluesound are far more space economical. When SOTM brings out a new transport, I might try that one, and move the Allo into a second system (which I hope to start building once the family room is done).

Before buying the Allo, I considered the Node 2i as transport. I went to my local Sevenoaks, but I was less than impressed with their service… Wanted to try the app before paying £500. When that appeared impossible (no clue why!) I said “thank you and good-bye”, and ordered the Allo. Before the arrival I bought a life-time subscription for Roon – no more need to be bothered with any other app. :slight_smile:

I had the Node 2 that was feeding a M-Dac+ into a SN2. The Bluesound app works well, probably comparable to the Naim app. I also use Roon now and find going back to other apps uncomfortable in comparison. I’ve got it for a year but will probably go with a lifetime next.

My switch away from the Node 2, M-Dac to the ND5 XS2, HiCap DR and HiLine has been a big improvement for me…but, the Node 2 is a very good transport when used with a quality DAC.

I would love to demo the NDX2 vs ND5 XS2 and a Chord DAC. I’ll just have to wait for the lockdown to ease I guess!

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Bluos app is really stable and fast compared to Naim app. I use my nose 2i in my main system mostly as a streamer transport to my DAC. Honestly, the internal DAC is really not bad either and can do MQA. Biggest plus for me is it’s super stable and easy to use and another plus is two way AptxHD for my AptxHD bluetooth headphones. I wish I can say the same for my Star in terms of stability.

I have a node2i that I use with my Hugo2 to listen to spotify comfortably. The sound quality without the Hugo is so so I have to say, but with the Hugo reasonable.

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